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When underwater, the animals pushed water past their gills while simultaneously pushing the glottis down.
They were both bright and sensitive artists, living simultaneously, two ways of life.
He was never at one side of a room and simultaneously at the other side of the same room.
The island seems marked in some unusual way, simultaneously favored and cursed.
The imager can take pictures of the sun in ten light wavelengths simultaneously every ten seconds.
Her research focuses on simultaneously achieving global food security and mitigating climate change.
Suddenly the cell phones of both officials rang simultaneously.
He simultaneously rebuffs and courts interpretation.
She is simultaneously attracted to bodies-they can dance a minuet, for example-and disturbed by their corporeality.
The idea that your palate and your vocabulary expand simultaneously might sound felicitous, but there is a catch.
Few traditional colleges could carry out such growth while simultaneously slashing tuition.
Each of these tasks requires my full attention, but the juggling of all tasks simultaneously often seems overwhelming.
He intends to pursue a second degree in public policy simultaneously.
Instead, it's simultaneously ridiculous and heartless.
All of these are simultaneously selfish and altruistic.
She simply walks into the sea, off-screen, her soul and heart having burst simultaneously.
It gives the illusion that we're simultaneously tasking, but we're really not.
So we're switching tasks quickly enough to appear to be doing them simultaneously.
The elephants tried the task when they were released simultaneously or at staggered times.
The new machine allows physicians to view tissue in detail and gauge its health simultaneously.
The latter keys could be pushed simultaneously, giving many possible combination and meanings for character keys.
If two people feel vulnerable simultaneously, these two tendencies can interlock and increase synergistically.
The reality is that the eyes cannot simultaneously focus on a single line of text.
In a sense, these creative folks were simultaneously able to live in a dream state while concentrating on the outside world.
The technology phones the customer and the business simultaneously.
Curley simultaneously guided the cooperative into the digital age.
It achieved many objectives simultaneously, some of which are not immediately obvious.
When presented with hundreds of odours, the nose can simultaneously distinguish only a few.
It is silly to have a high tax rate while simultaneously giving people many ways to avoid paying it.
With full-sized planes, the benefit should increase, as more people can stow their luggage simultaneously along the longer aisles.
Emergency-room medics complain of having to treat too many desperately ill patients simultaneously.
But it is a truism of economics that a country cannot control both its exchange rate and its interest rate simultaneously.
The software problem is that many different types of brain waves have to be interpreted simultaneously and instantly.
Polls show lots of things simultaneously, many of them incompatible with one another, let alone with reality.
In a lucky break, it looks as though it might be possible to achieve both goals simultaneously.
By turning companies into organs of the government, state capitalism simultaneously concentrates power and corrupts it.
Both systems offer multiple sweet spots, which allows several people to watch the screen simultaneously.
When different databases are mined simultaneously, the value of information increases exponentially.
Since he could not act in the interests of both companies simultaneously, he left the government.
Unfortunately, running more than a handful of these widgets simultaneously proves problematic.
When you shoot an photo or video, two pictures are captured simultaneously onto your sensor.
Not only can you bump tunes in record time, but it can also simultaneously dock and charge your iPod.
Simultaneously, a mysterious piece of debris flew high into the air near the shuttle, apparently from the flame trench.
And then, when the economy gets worse, you're simultaneously in charge and out of options.
What you can't do, with few exceptions, is do these things simultaneously.
Many copies of each component are carved out simultaneously from a single silicon wafer.
At that point, large packets of virus are simultaneously released by the infected cell and internalized by the recipient cell.
The idea here is to use harness solar as an energy source for the transportation industry while simultaneously reducing emissions.
And all perspectives could be viewed simultaneously if required.
The resultant salt mixture simultaneously works as a moderator, coolant, and fuel medium.
It is a system that tens of thousands of people interact with simultaneously several times per year.
But in quantum mechanics, you can take all three of these routes simultaneously.
But he simultaneously ordered the destruction of any literature that he felt could be a threat to his power.
If the property of one twin changes, the other twin simultaneously changes as well.
To complete the game, you need to think simultaneously on four distinct levels.
Equally important, they could be packed into arrays capable of monitoring thousands of stars simultaneously.
The scientists simultaneously began to stroke the real hand and the fake one with paintbrushes.
Recording sessions can now take place continents away, simultaneously.
In one lightning move taking less than a second, the snake bites into the rat and simultaneously throws several coils around it.
Thus the graviton became both actor and stage simultaneously.
And it's easy to find adequate protein, while simultaneously reducing fat intake.
There is no reason that two different mechanisms could not be acting simultaneously.
As you can logically deduce, it is impossible to hold simultaneously more than two of the three basic beliefs.
In other words, in this instance, medical knowledge and economic recovery will advance simultaneously.
There are recorded quantum tunneling effects in which subatomic particles appear to simultaneously bridge a gap.
So, in order to be simultaneously religious and scientific, exceptions have to be made to accommodate those contradictions.
It's part of our contemporary condition to feel simultaneously blessed and cursed by technology.
Holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously is a stunt that millions of minds pull off every day.
They are simultaneously holding multiple jobs, working for different employers, and mastering diverse skills.
There are few moments in life that can be exhilarating and unnerving simultaneously.
If every big bank is on the verge of collapse, you can't wind down all of them simultaneously.
It must be simultaneously gratifying and horrible to have all your kids in the family business.
We didn't have the resources to do both successfully and simultaneously.

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