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Also, the hypothesis of simultaneity is tested to determine if the two decisions are actually endogenous to each other.
They slosh out into a bog, and with inexplicable simultaneity, begin applauding wildly.
The sinister violence of the deaths, their astounding suddenness and gruesomeness and simultaneity, stamped them as horrific.
People found out about the tragedy in near simultaneity, and together watched the story evolve on television.
Thus he concluded that the simultaneity on the ground is not on the train.
Scientists are now beginning to solve the mystery of this feat of simultaneity.
Since the two photons are traveling in the same reference frame, all of their events share simultaneity.
What they value is not worker stability but constant market simultaneity.
But the point is, relativity has rendered obsolete the concept of simultaneity.
Of course the key to this is relativity of simultaneity.
Collage is intrinsically about modern life and the simultaneity of disparate experiences.
The simultaneity of these challenges poses an additional challenge for planning and policy-making in this dynamic system.
However, the committee found the requirement for simultaneity difficult to prove.
The term inherently entails the quality of simultaneity.

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