simulator in a sentence

Example sentences for simulator

Technicians raised the helicopter simulator above the pool and prepped it for another drop.
The new realistic action simulator satellite tv system gets a great picture.
Inside the trailers, crews don't get even the sensation of flying that one gets in a flight simulator.
So they put butterflies in a flight simulator and tried to convince them to fly south.
Finally, send the students to the simulator in their groups to try to re-create the waves.
The cruise ship is a floating resort, complete with an onboard surf simulator.
These days it is possible to simply sit at the flight simulator and learn what to do.
The insurance industry's weather simulator is more awesome than your weather simulator.
My little universe simulator is endlessly rerunning history.
He had subjects sit in a driving simulator, complete with gas and brake pedals.
Hopefully their design doesn't get too crazy, because then they'll have to ride it out in a simulator.
It is an online volcano simulator, it is actually pretty darn good, both in information and coolness.
These courses work by having the simulator mimic different scenarios that could occur on an airplane.
They put the car body over the simulator and created all these scenes.
The simulator provides synthetic voice response and voice recognition to allow the student to talk to the simulator.
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