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And this problem can ordinarily be solved by simply providing more money.
She simply couldn't believe they were about to be reunited.
Wreath cookies are bright and festive, whether bejeweled or simply frosted.
To turn, you twist your torso and then simply point forward with one hand to walk in a direction.
In movies as in the kitchen, good intentions simply aren't enough.
My point is that people teaching five or more courses a term simply aren't going to be teaching creatively.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all cold-loving animals can simply retreat north in the face of global warming.
Perhaps they set out in search of food, or maybe it was simply wanderlust.
For a significant minority, it would simply have been the life they knew.
Simply thaw two loaves of frozen bread dough, then stretch one in a shallow baking pan to give it the flatness of focaccia.
Certainly true, and students with low levels of computer literacy will simply opt for other modes of learning.
It's simply to note that there are more things to take into account than tax rates.
Fish were now diversifying and extending their feeding options beyond simply vacuuming meals off the seabed.
Simply adding the normal length protein to the golden zebrafish returned it to a darker color.
Simply dollop on some whipped cream and carry it to the table with a smile.
Simply put, a real name is worth more than a fake one.
Many people do not share my enthusiasm for online learning simply out of ignorance and spite.
One reason is simply that there are so many of them.
Geography is for life and not simply an exercise for its own sake.
One day in the future, infection may be fought by simply switching bacterial invaders off.
No one ever found any dead vultures, there were simply less and less of them.
See how to make simply beautiful bundles of blooms more.
But it'd be foolish to think this is simply about search.
That's because raindrops simply take the pollutants with them as they fall from the atmosphere-the mechanism behind acid rain.
They simply get bored and begin to play out scenes from our memories.
It's not simply because they need to find greener pastures after eating everything in sight.
Graduate-advising horror stories aren't simply sad tales of bad things that happen to good people.
Some are species normally found in ocean water that have simply found a good place to live.
Your drip system can be simply attached to a hose end or screwed into a hose bibb.
For many, money simply could not be an end in itself-they felt called to use their talents for a higher purpose.
Supporters contend these laws are simply meant to ensure the integrity of the voting process.
The best way to shrink the environmental footprint made by heating water is simply to heat less water.
The third group simply putted at the target without distraction.
Best of all, they're simply smaller lavenders with all of the same great qualities as their parents.
And at best, community colleges are designed simply as lesser versions of four-year colleges.
Simply put: taxes would reduce consumption of unhealthful foods and generate billions of dollars annually.
While some simply gather organic particles that float their way, others actively prey on clams or coral.
According to the results of a new study, simply by copying the successful innovations of their relatives.
The lives of humans and other animals would appear simply as momentary flashes.
It looks to me as though health and well-being are now simply ends in themselves.
But the simple equation that more growth equals more profits for investors is simply not borne out by history.
But shark populations are being decimated at a frightening pace, killed in large part simply for their fins.
They simply cannot be taught enough to become ordinary members of society.
Perhaps they reflect one portion of academia that simply isn't good at teaching, and have no interest in same.
Ministers have said that they do not want to alleviate poverty simply by increasing benefits.
Simply using the water collected by a rain barrel is one way to maximize its water-saving potential.
The authors found that the following brain regions contribute to dance in ways that go beyond simply carrying out motion.
He simply held the door open for me and let me precede him.
Our jobs can simply disappear with the crisp signature of a board member or the ringing gavel of a state legislature.
Typically, a running impala will simply jump over anything in its path.
They simply wanted to replace the narrow concrete path with a patio.
She simply clicks her computer mouse a few times and starts.
Squeezed by slim margins, a firm may simply discontinue a drug.
Most other dryers simply sense the temperature of exhaust air.
It displays a blue underlined link rather than simply loading that page.
But you need to do more than simply refrain from incivility.
Others simply relax in the sun-washed glacial cirque and bask in the presence of the peak.
The scores simply do not do what they are said to do: accurately predict performance in college for all groups.
Simply memorizing terms and place locations can be tedious and even boring.
It can be considered simply as the conservation of photon momentum, as you say.
Use scissors rather than knives to cut herbs, or simply tear the parsley into pieces.
Simply attach a request for volunteers to be interviewed.
More than anything else, the interview was simply a lost opportunity.
Furnish your garden simply and it will always look right, which makes outdoor parties a breeze.
True learning cannot occur, however, when education is simply a self-aggrandizing tool.
But there is simply not enough money to support research on all rare diseases.
Simply head to your local garden center and cast your eyes on the glowing array of marigolds.
Rather than purchase season-specific tableware and decorations, simply accent what you already have.
The motivation to overuse diagnostic tests is not always simply defensive.
The alternative is to simply buy and repackage seeds-but if you haven't grown them, you don't really know them.
It is simply to stop using nuclear reactors and start using renewables instead.
These ten are simply the ones where the source really matters.
The low-tech hearing aid is an update to simply cupping your hand to your ear.
And our projected long-run deficits are simply unsustainable.
The earliest electronic textbooks simply offered the text of the printed book on a computer.
The second simply wants to be the best walker any dog could ask for.
For example, a company may simply decide to move its local customer services operation to one of its own subsidiaries abroad.
In other words, increase the money supply and you simply cause inflation.
The fluke could have caused the cancer by simply irritating the cells where the fluke lives.
Yet simply halting floodwaters and preventing short-term damage is not enough.
The right to withdraw simply means that donors can stop providing samples at any time, he found.
The flat form means that these can be stacked and shipped cheaply, and simply twisted and screwed to the wall upon arrival.
So if you're anxious to know, simply inquire in your thank you e-mail what their anticipated time frame is for making a decision.
They have that status today not simply for their inherent beauty but for the happy accident of their survival.
Others, after a game attempt, simply decide the extra stress is not worth the additional cash.
Whenever you see that, simply click that button instead.
Back then, visitors simply bought tickets at the door and strolled on in.
My sticking point is simply that the tax loopholes for the wealthy and for corporations be fixed.
Demographics is simply the arithmetic of culture and values-it only quantifies, it doesn't explain.
Computational photography, a subdiscipline of computer graphics, conjures up images rather than simply capturing them.
The mission's goal is simply to prove that solar sail technology works.
We were simply objects among bones, bones among objects, and then signed and sealed with a date.
Simply put, sometimes potatoes flower and fruit, and sometimes they don't.
Given the difficult economy, large corporations are laying off workers or simply not hiring.
Debt has simply been transferred from the private to the public sector.
It's the kind of thing you simply have to experience for yourself.
It may simply be biology-and beastly biology at that.
Write as simply as possible and let your heart speak as truly and as briefly as you can.
The corrected version, consequently, is simply a guess at the writer's intention.
Right is laid aside either by simply renouncing it, or by transferring it to another.
Such gatherings would to many persons appear at first sight simply preposterous.
The imaginary society is simply the vehicle for satire and criticism of things as they are.
Its chief merit is that it gathers three hundred real homes, not simply three hundred families, under one roof.
With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.
Popular statements as to the extreme poverty of expression to which primitive languages are doomed are simply myths.
He offered it, as he has himself avowed over and over again, simply to make capital out of it for the stump.
Research simply moves too fast for the publishing industry to keep up.
These started simply enough, with straight-up site blocking.
In one, members of a group were asked simply to repeat words spoken by the caller.
They simply enjoy tasks that are drudgery to normal people.
Worse, much important information is simply not collected, or collected too late.
Public-employee unions simply consolidate an already impressive concentration of political bargaining power.
The answer is that the potential prize is simply so large these days that the reward outweighs the risk of legal defeat.
Put simply, this means that people place an extra value on things they already own.
There is little point doing that if a tablet user can simply read the news for free on a web browser.
Then they simply checked which directors stayed from one proxy statement to the next.
Ordinarily, when unemployment shoots up wages do not tend to fall: they simply grow more slowly.
From time to time a hive simply gives up the ghost and vanishes.
In normal times such delays might simply be inconvenient, but now they could prove devastating.
It is unlikely that students have simply become more intelligent over the past ten years.
Critics ask why voters need to recall somebody they can simply vote out of office in the next regular election.
To put it simply: a dollar should buy the same everywhere.
Those businesses that have floated on the market may be mature, or slower-growing, or simply overweight in one sector.
Money line betting is simply wagering on the contest based on a given price rather than a point spread.
And some tax-efficient stock funds simply don't have good after-tax returns.
In addition to being data-laden, though, these images are simply wonderful to behold.
Really, from my point of view, what you're doing is simply annoying.
Meanwhile, as sea level rise approaches two feet, the barriers might simply spend more time closed.
Many of those built during the first frenzied decades of the logging boom were simply abandoned.
What is wrong is the idea that his discoveries were simply happenstance.
Simply putting it in writing would not have guaranteed them wealth, prosperity, or an accepted place in society.
We had coffees and hot cocoas and each others' companionship and were, quite simply, comfortable.
Ecologists are pursuing this science because they simply want to know.
There are simply too many sites in too many canyons.
Muir's letters and journals find him spending hour after hour simply marveling at the beauty around him.
Part of him wanted to simply return to the park and revel in nature.
Simply put, factory farming churns out huge amounts of cheap but tasteless foods.
Imagine a sculpture that could help make the air cleaner simply by sparkling in the sunlight.
Any answer is going to be simply a human of a particular time and place.
When grabbed by a predator, the sea star can simply lose a limb and later grow a replacement.
They were simply machines, robots programmed to react to stimuli but lacking the ability to think or feel.
The red ball can't simply be gas heated by nearby stars, he added, because only a supernova could generate that much energy.
If you're trying to photograph people in miserably low light, simply wait until your subject looks up into the light.
They simply lacked film that was fast enough to give them a fast shutter speed.
To refute it, they simply start using exactly the same arguments that this article has precisely disproved.
It simply means that there will be a period of decreased food production.
Which means another report might offer a lot, or that this one was simply speculation.
But putting people's health information in databases and online is going to do more than simply reduce redundancies.
The event's aims were not simply focused on bragging rights and artistic merit.
Mental health is about physiology but not simply the brain.
Interstellar travel is optimistically centuries in our future, and may well simply be practically speaking impossible.
My busy, rich life would basically stay on track, becoming simply a little busier and richer.
Some can't afford it, or they live in countries where there are simply no good colleges to attend.
Simply blend a teaspoon of originality into a bucket of the same old thing.
Others thought that the problems were simply features of the new digital world, and that they had to learn to live with them.
Well, the other thing is simply that some people don't respond to e-mail regularly.
There is simply too much to do for a single course to make up for all deficiencies.
Now the role of poetry is not simply to hold understanding in place but to help create and hold a realm of experience.
Part of the survey is devoted simply to finding out how often students perform certain tasks.
Store-bought fettuccine simply can't compare to homemade.
It simply brought indoors the technology of the luau pit or the clambake.
Instead, the deduction simply inflates house prices.
We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.
She simply sat on the floor of the royal chamber and died.
Albums end, and even when they were on they might simply have been part of the mood, whatever that was.
The work is not simply everything a novelist writes-notebooks, diaries, articles.
Perhaps normal imperfect human being simply preferred the company of other normal imperfect human beings.
She simply felt itchy, on the area of her scalp that was left numb from the shingles.
As though simply to recall the tale is a sin whose penance is to live knowing you have somehow made it happen again.
Flagpole sitting was simply endurance, its only prerequisite an endless capacity for standing there.
Withers likes to form guitar chords that he can simply move up and down the neck without altering the position of his fingers.
The world was simply grander back then, somehow more civilized, and nicer to look at.
The temptation, then, is simply to abandon ambitious plans in an attempt to annoy no one.
Fed up with the bureaucracy, he simply instructed his staff to take them out, adding precious workspace.
He is simply brilliant, writing fantastic music about critical thinking.
Even if there's fuzzy math going on, it's simply not a possibility.
And sometimes it's cool when they are simply stated and simply solved.
Beta rays are simply fast-moving electrons, and alpha rays are fast-moving helium nuclei.
We're in no danger from it, but the size and scope of this thing are simply spectacular.
It is original and logically coherent, the argument set out simply but with complete and convincing authority.
To do that requires more than simply larger sample sizes or improved genomic techniques, it also requires better measurement.
Before bacteria made their debut, rock flakes and grains simply washed away, leaving bare rock that shrugged off rainwater.
But simply piling on the pixels will not be enough to match the rich visual experience of human eyes.
We live in an era of mammals, so dinosaur art is heavy with mammal flesh that is simply out of place.
But also, simply blacking out raises awareness but doesn't give information.
It's simply a novel about a guy who goes to college and becomes a teacher.
Not only are such pictures rightly considered too precious to travel, many of them are also simply too big to move.
Popper did not propose his principle simply as a preferred criterion in evaluating scientific truth.
Maybe the fossil fuel industry is simply too powerful.
He had only two predecessors, from one of whom he simply copied the story and both preceded him by no more than a few decades.
Other experts said no: last summer's heat was simply weather.
The reason was simply that, striking though these are, they were not relevant to my argument.
That's because dealing with global warming is not a matter of simply paying a relatively small price to clean the air or water.
It is simply that, with the turn of the cultural wheel, it no longer matters.
Devising his wise policies with the help of experts and technocrats, he simply imposed them on the population.
None of this should come as a surprise-it is simply what happens when a society's wealth distribution becomes lopsided.
She was simply one of the great characters in the land, and if she was your friend, she was really your friend.
They are making waves simply by snubbing marriage and kids in favor of the chance to see the world.
Now he simply put his head down and worked quietly to win the confidence of the members.
Perhaps it's simply the case that life at the top of the power structure is naturally anxiety-inducing.
By now, mentioning that the episode opens with a flashback is simply redundant.
Al junior, for his part, says it simply took him months to realize the implications of what he had done.
There were simply too many: they could fill libraries, never mind a magazine article.
For starters, that they could simply win something, but also that they could dance.
There comes a point where making new things isn't a capital investment but simply a marginal one.
The desiccant can be reused simply by heating it up to boil off the water it's absorbed.
Designing processors for mobile devices requires more than simply reproducing desktop computer architecture in a smaller device.
Cheaper metals simply can't withstand the harsh acidic environment of the fuel cell.
And in part it's simply a useful venue for discussions, since ethnography is still an emerging tool in technology industries.
Instead of applying a voltage at the gate, one simply bends the wire.
If the key is intercepted, the sender simply sends another and repeats this until one gets through.
Many renewable energy projects simply won't go forward without some sort of access to tax credits.
It would start out simply retransmitting ordinary satellite signals without any modifications.
If you drain a hydrogen tank, you simply fill it up again later.
To take part, simply read their paper and answer their questions.
If it is the same cost you might instead simply add more solar cells.
Simply put, it's this era's pre-eminent technology company.
In a sense, this week's news simply ratifies an existing reality.
The family says it has paid the fee in the past, but claims they simply forgot about it this year.
Cut off the flat top and bottom skin, then simply pare the circular edge with a small knife.
Simply using an aftermarket or recycled part does not void your warranty.
It is tempting to view this burden simply as the amount of money paid to the tax collector.

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