similes in a sentence

Example sentences for similes

Invite students to come up with their own metaphors or similes to describe each animal shown.
The engravings are fac similes of the sizes and styles.
In this story the author uses similes to compare two things.
Sayyid wrap stories and self-promotion in similes and allusions so fast and densely packed they could use an instant replay.
Then challenge students to look at the photos in the article and think of other similes.
Parts of the dialogue are lacking in spontaneity, chiefly owing to the writer's penchant for similes.
But the chief end of it is, to supply the fancy with variety of similes for all subjects.
In his work the flattest clich├ęs are transformed into glowing images, and worn-out puns and similes catch fire.
Similes are used often in literature, appearing in every genre from poetry to prose and from epics to essays.
Similes and metaphors are comparisons that writers make in order to describe something.
The use of images, similes and metaphors make poems concise.
Instruct students to read the poem and find and circle similes and metaphors in the poem.
Use one color for similes and another for metaphors.
Give examples of several similes employed by the author.
Identify and explain figurative language in nonfiction text emphasizing similes, metaphors, and personification.
Create a list of metaphors or similes describing the wing.
Explain the difference between similes and metaphors.
Students should use personification and try to use similes.

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Each reader discovers for himself that, with respect to the simpler features of nature, succeeding poets have done littl... more
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