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Similarly, the vegetable pasta dish came from two households' gardens and kitchens.
Our next objective is to ascertain if it acts similarly in humans.
Similarly, if a group of nerve cells be destroyed, the fibers arising from them undergo degeneration.
Similar clauses introduced by where and when are similarly punctuated.
Similarly, when snow melts in the mountains, it turns liquid and flows down the river into the lake.
First, the cone-shaped rock formations complement the similarly shaped balloons.
The team drew on records from satellites that used radar altimeters, which work similarly to bats' echolocation, or natural radar.
Similarly, the sun's overarching field seems to be produced by internal motion of plasma.
Similarly, ballet training was a movement grammar to be used onstage in different ways.
Similarly, a key part of the stimulus was the billions of dollars that went to state governments.
Nearly everything on view possesses similarly obdurate dignity.
They have similarly serene personalities that sometimes make them seem a little detached.
Similarly, you shouldn't add a stock to your portfolio until you know something about it.
Similarly, borrowing to invest in securities raises your potential risks as well as your potential rewards.
Similarly, climate change and urbanization don't cause heat waves and droughts so much as intensify them.
Similarly, formal teaching responsibilities are separated from informal teaching activities.
Similarly, you should not send the writing samples or portfolio unless these are explicitly requested.
Similarly, using all uppercase may come across as shouting.
Similarly, in music, sampling-entire tracks constructed from other tracks-has become commonplace.
Rejecting negative characterizations often led to rejecting family members and neighbors who had been similarly labeled.
Similarly, if she helps invent better products, she will presumably capture those gains as well.
Makers of furniture and white goods are suffering similarly.
Outlawing drugs has been a similarly spectacular failure.
Similarly a judicious regulator should penalise polluters for imposing costs on others by taxing their activities.
Industrial-capacity use is similarly well below pre-recession levels.
Similarly, attaching thermoelectric devices to the flues of power plants could generate more useful power.
All are similarly unsmiling, aggressively demanding money.
Similarly, those who can brag that their gold is clean and their diamonds bloodless can pull moral rank on those who cannot.
If punters are similarly enthusiastic, other web firms could soon find themselves on the silver screen.
Similarly domestic producers may be cheered that rival, imported goods are more expensive.
Of course, many successful politicians are similarly bereft of self-doubt.
Two other studies published in the same volume similarly overthrow conventional wisdom about plants.
Many proved similarly chirpy, scoring high on confidence, energy and happiness.
Similarly, it is possible to test the appeal of different video messages from the candidates to different sorts of voters.
It may thus make sense to treat such prudential measures and capital controls similarly.
Similarly, when you rub a balloon on your head it causes opposite static charges to build up both on your hair and the balloon.
Similarly, in water containing algae, bubbles can float the algae to the surface for easy collection and processing.
Cows that develop brisket disease respond similarly, but their body's compensation is too aggressive for their own good.
Similarly, her rotation slows when she extends her arms at the conclusion of the spin.
Microwave radiation will similarly heat up skin and other body parts.
Similarly, after the animals were given electric shocks, levels of the compound clearly went up in the hippocampus.
Similarly, consider one shirt made from wool and another from nylon.
Similarly, coffee can be improved for people who are sensitive to bitterness by masking its sharpness with cream or sugar.
Blogging about stressful experiences might work similarly.
Similarly, the chances are that they're going somewhere to get something.
Similarly, there will be a demand for highly trained, skilled craftsmen and operators both nationally and worldwide.
But other endangered species in the wild might not be so lucky if they encountered similarly tainted food.
Similarly, donors are screened for infectious diseases as blood donors are, a time consuming and expensive process.
Similarly, the virus of religion, hijacks your mental processes.
Similarly, whale can feed on plankton growing in rich cold ocean.
The rest of the conclusions are similarly obfuscating.
Scientists have been similarly fascinated by starling movement.
Similarly, our equipment allows us to reveal and represent topographies of wireless networks.
Imagine the likely fate of a high school student who dares to express an interest in similarly offensive or taboo ideas.
Similarly, please contact us at the same addresses if at any time you wish to review your personally identifiable information.
As a film, the story will only hold up if it preserves a similarly introspective spirit.
Similarly, among adults, many people choose cohabitation as a way to test-drive the relationship before getting married.
Similarly, it was clear that the public option was dead long before its obituary ran.
Similarly, strengthening primary care, reducing economic barriers to access.
Similarly, it is not particularly likely that these fears have consumers spending less either.
Similarly each aircraft is tested to proved full power at every plug before being certified.
What they overlook is that they themselves act similarly in real life.
The catalogue contains similarly pat introductions to the other disciplines.
Similarly bizarre public art projects have been approved across the country and around the world.
Nearby are dozens of other similarly boxy factory buildings.
To control for the effect of price, the researchers used scenarios where the products were either similarly priced or free.
As electronic devices are made ever smaller, there is increasing demand for similarly minuscule power sources.
Similarly, many chemicals have been shown to exhibit unique spectral signatures in the terahertz range.
Similarly, adding nitrogen to a semiconductor such as gallium arsenide phosphide will also give a multi-band semiconductor.
Similarly cash provides anonymous financial transactions while a credit card does not.
Similarly, there are lots of correlations between physiological variables.
Magnesium similarly reacts with water, albeit at temperature similar to today's car engines.
Other countries similarly have undeveloped reserves and are spending billions to develop them.
There may be a large number of others, similarly available.
The position spoof could similarly be detected by having internal solid state gyros.
Except for professionally driven commercial vehicles, the majority of consumers drove similarly sized cars.
Similarly, universities might need to scrap the tenure system.
Similarly, cars are a normal mode of transportation, but do you realize that you are driving a machine that harms people.
Similarly, the idea of the web is to locate data once and only once.
The noise has dropped dramatically, the efficiency similarly has increased by moving the thrust to the fan.
And similarly on a symbolic level with communication.
Similarly, once you get a song started, you don't have to think about what comes next.
Similarly, only mock-ups of facades are pressure-sprayed to test their ability to keep out driving rain.
But they would not interbreed with individuals of other species that are similarly defined.
Removing the gene from mice makes them similarly aggressive.
She wonders if dolphins seen bow riding near ships are doing something similarly foolish.
Similarly, an astronaut suffering cabin fever may exhibit performance problems while going about daily chores.
Many other phage experiments similarly lacked persuasive standards and controls.
Many plants were similarly selected for oily fruits or seeds.
And both groups of volunteers felt similarly disgusted.
Other scientists probing different parts of the brain's memory machinery are similarly finding that memory is inherently flexible.
Many others likely languish in jail due to similarly mistaken beliefs about the accuracy of memory.
Similarly, it's not a vector in higher dimensions, it becomes a higher-rank tensor.
It's possible that our early ancestors had similarly absorbent skins.
Eaters observe others who are similarly working their jaws.
They allow the use of hearsay evidence, which similarly deprives the defendant of an opportunity to cross-examine his accuser.
Similarly, getting its iconic figures wrong-and rebranding them at intervals-is part of being a nation.
Similarly, his public persona is bold, confident and aggressive.
Similarly, your own item on this topic seems to play right along with this political wrestling match.
Similarly, the common law of trusts required that a beneficiary make a demand on a trustee before filing suit.
We are now faced with a similarly momentous challenge: global warming.
Similarly, not enough thought has been devoted to the best role for government.
Filing away loose office papers can be similarly counterproductive.
Psychologists and other academics are similarly divided, with each camp accusing the other of twisting data to suit an agenda.
His etchings and watercolors too reveal a similarly refined craftsmanship.

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