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After all, those silvery tubes continue to work even today.
After a quick breath at the surface, dolphins swim to the bottom of the pool and expel a long, silvery ring of air.
Its flowers are tiny, greenish-yellow and globular, and its indented leaves have a silvery-gray sheen.
Renderings show a moat and huge, silvery wedges of metal jutting outward from the building's base.
At the touch of a button, the robot's silvery jointed arm reared back and then moved steadily toward home plate.
On silvery sandbanks hippos and alligators sunned themselves side by side.
He stopped at an ironwood tree to admire its silvery fluted trunk, its striking combination of delicacy and strength.
White blooms or silvery foliage in white or nearly white containers also bring that frosty ambience into your garden.
White cyclamen appear to flutter above silvery dusty-miller foliage and eucalyptus pods.
The completed snowflake is finished with silvery dusty miller and eucalyptus pods.
Loose spikes of lavender-blue flowers cover the soft, silvery-green mounds in late spring and early summer.
As the sky turns iridescent green with the setting sun, a silvery trill fills the air.
Dark green leaves are leathery and have several sharp points around the silvery margins.
Silvery tungsten is not an efficient optical emitter.
The noble gases such as helium remain aloof and unreactive, while the alkali metals can be expected to be silvery and reactive.
But more glitters there than the silvery shapes of sockeye salmon swimming upstream.
If you are lucky, you scud over a silvery, gently undulating sea.
Rain came down heavily a half hour at a time, then pulled back into a silvery sky of fast-moving, fuzzy-bottomed clouds.
Its backdrop is despair, but the foreground action has the silvery zest of a comedy.
She is wearing silvery-blue eyeshadow above and below her eyes and on her lips.
The slick appears as a silvery-gray patch in the center of the image.
Silvery flashes and splashes erupt from thousands of small herringlike fish called menhaden.
When the sun's rays spilled over the ridge, they discovered dozens of silvery waterspouts and dissolved them into smoky rainbows.
She was silvery with purple-silver along the upper part of her length.
Some plants are light green, others have silvery hairs.
As the sardines panicked and moved faster, they formed a great silvery circle.
In the moonlight the eddy is a silvery swirl that reverses the river's flow, but only for a moment.
Fish can be described as scaly, silvery, and often slimy.
Dark morph: adult has an all-dark body with dark wing coverts and silvery flight feathers, the dark tail has a wide white band.
Shoals of silvery fish swim in brilliant blue and green pools left behind by the rains.
They are a silvery color and have a rough skin texture.
Offshore, flotillas of icebergs drift silvery in the half-light-tangible evidence of the change.
She is sleek and silvery with appealingly large eyes, and she looks to be smiling too, as dolphins always do.
The cores are kept in silvery, cardboard cylinders and lie in stacks on frost-covered shelves.
Chipping off a clod or two, he reveals silvery veins of ice.
In clear weather, you can sometimes see them as silvery wisps immediately after sunset.
Sunlight floods the branches of a forest as a tense maiden with silvery tresses picks her way gingerly along a leaf-strewn path.
Then the town belongs to the fishermen, specifically those trolling for the tiny silvery anchovies that crowd the calm waters.
Jennifer's wearing a silvery two-piece outfit with lots of fringe and lots of sparkle.
And still the broken, clear and clouded heaven-and still again the moonlight pouring silvery soft its radiant patches over all.
The full moon shone in through the windows, making long, slanting silvery patches on the floor.
But he only laughed as he glanced aloft at a white and silvery track.
Its skin is lustrous dark blue above, with wavy blackish lines, and silvery below.
It was a pretty thing, a nickeled cylinder with an almost silvery socket, to be attached to the dashboard of his car.
Also, the chunky yellow bullhead and silvery freshwater drum.
Bold setbacks and a silvery top accentuate its urban presence.
Silvery, spiny-rayed elongated fish with several dark horizontal streaks along the sides.
Sodium is a soft, bright, silvery metal which floats on water.
It is soft, easily cut with a knife, and is silvery in appearance immediately after a fresh surface is exposed.
In life the back is a pale yellowish olive, the side's silvery, and the venter white.
They are silvery overall with a pale green back and iridescent purple, blue and pink on their sides.
Most appear grayish-green due to a covering of short silvery hairs.
The tail spot is faint or often absent on a gray to silvery gray body.
Each silvery-hairy leaf has eleven-to-twenty one leaflets arranged along a midrib.
Normally the back is olive-green with a silvery cast on its sides fading to a silvery-white belly.

Famous quotes containing the word silvery

Bright-black-eyed silvery creature, brushed with brown, The wings not folded in repose, but spread.... more
So smooth, so sweet, so silvery, is thy voice As, could they hear, the damned would make no noise, But list... more
as if in a fog of feather-light goosedown-silvery seed-thoughts a rusty mind in its autumn reviewed, renewe... more
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