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Example sentences for silverware

If you are eating in, use the real silverware, cups and plates.
Bottles top rack, dinner plates bottom, silverware in its holder.
At his home they had already seen him compulsively realign silverware on his dining table and milk cartons in his refrigerator.
Table clothes, real silverware and table service and it is rather good, even the price.
His shaky hands were frustrated by pens and silverware.
She stood and gathered up the plates and silverware.
There were a few moments of silence, punctuated only by some nervous clattering of silverware.
There's a big, open brick room with few long communal tables laid in advance with mismatched silverware.
There's a tea table set for two, with silverware and a centerpiece, but it's only five inches high.
The handles on the silverware are all different patterns.
The case had begun to resemble a dinner party at which the silverware starts disappearing.
For the third experiment, the researchers used packaging to distinguish a discount set of silverware from luxury spoons.
According to her, these bowls were designed for chopsticks, not silverware.
His father was a designer of bronzes, silverware and furniture.
She is in fine fettle, showing her wares wherever the sport matters, filling her bags with every conceivable piece of silverware.
Many machines have features that can scour baked-on food and blast food particles lodged in silverware.
The clever operatives can feed millions and never leave their fingerprints on the silverware.
No clatter of silverware in the cafeteria or squeaking instruments coming from the band room.
To identify each sailor's silverware, initials and names were engraved on each piece of silverware.
Dishes, silverware, and pots may be washed with tap water as long as they are dry before being used.
On the left are storage drawers and display cases and shelves contain merchandise including shotguns, oil cans and silverware.
He was presented with the entire receipts of the game, and more silverware and floral designs than he could carry.
If you ever had to replace rusted bike gears, or throw out old discolored silverware, you have encountered corrosion.

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Our masks, always in peril of smearing or cracking, In need of continuous check in the mirror or silverware... more
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