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Example sentences for silliness

The article compounds the silliness by muddling silicon and silane together and considering cadmium panels as a safer alternative.
Od course, the major silliness of this article is that it claims that the amount of an energy resources determines it value.
But it's the silliness of the submissions that has us baffled.
There is far too much parroting of jingoistic silliness that distracts everyone from the real issues.
Nowadays, looking around the nation, one sees relatively little in the way of epic silliness.
But there's a still more important reason for the silliness that's inherent in the parodies.
No, when you come down to it, they are props in a piece of high-toned silliness.
Gang's achievement has more to do with freeing us from such silliness.
In one's eagerness to remain within the emotional aura of a memorable game one laps up any silliness.
Thought it was quite free of science related silliness and obvious mistakes, which made it much easier to suspend disbelief.
But objecting to silliness in a horror movie is a bit unfair.
As venerable sports traditions die or morph into silliness, people from all walks of life are making up their own.
Come and join in the laughter, reduce stress and learn that silliness is great for your health.
There is room for silliness and playfulness in my residencies.
Note that the post does not address the silliness of the situation that has been argued, but attacks the commenters themselves.
As he grew older, bouts of silliness joined the lineup.
Come and join in the laughter, reduce stress, and learn that silliness is great for your health.
Come and join in the laughter, the stress reduction and learning silliness is great for your health.
The silliness regarding illegal drugs and prescription drugs was recently demonstrated.

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