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Example sentences for silicone

It puts a slippy silicone layer right at that spot so that the friction is reduced.
After that, light-sensitive silicone lenses may arrive.
Its outer casing is made of silicone and is fitted with pressure sensors so that it knows what it is touching.
It is able to do this because it is filled with a mineral oil that slowly diffuses through the silicone.
The pair in question were neither voluptuous nor pneumatic by the standards of silicone inflation that came later.
Tiny particles of silver are coated with organic molecules so that they float, and are then added to silicone oil.
Pour in a little olive oil and swirl or use a silicone brush to coat the pan.
Hoping to monitor penguins unobtrusively, scientists are testing a tag made of silicone rubber.
The creature's easily damaged skin demanded that body fluids be replaced with silicone at a much slower rate.
In this process body water and fats are replaced with liquid silicone rubber.
After casting the head in silicone, he tinted the skin.
The pair created this image by injecting molten solder into a tiny silicone channel.
Some are made from cow collagen and shark cartilage, and scientists are also working with silicone.
Silva cautions homeowners to use latex rather than silicone-based caulk, which cannot be painted.
Then hermetically seal the joint with silicone cement.
The silicone that is oozing out of people's skin is silicone and the patent of this chemical has been found.
The researchers then coated the material with a water-repelling silicone layer.
Silicone is indeed incredibly common--and unusable in its natural form.
To keep water away, researchers coat the membrane with water-repelling silicone.
Silicone the fur and capillary exclusion will have it dry in a quick wiggle, for both reasons: eg sheep and lanolin.
One can buy realistic looking silicone masks, from various vendors.
Another, more successful idea was embedding hydrangea petals in a clear silicone heel.
Perhaps the biggest breakthrough with contacts in the past few years is the new silicone-hydrogel lenses.
These plugs mold to your inner ear thanks to a thermo-reactive silicone material, providing a comfortable, customized fit.
Although the silicone shell surface offers some protective resilience, it didn't convince me enough to continue using it.
Made from stainless steel with silicone rubber buttons, this mouse can truly take a licking.
Equipped with three sizes of silicone tips, you can pick the best fit for your ears, which helps with noise isolation.
To charge up the light, you wiggle the weatherproof sealed plastic case out of its soft silicone sheath.
The oddly-spelled accessory is simply a silicone-rubber ball with a strap that slips over and secures to your bike-stem.
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