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Example sentences for silicate

The terrestrial planets are made of silicate minerals, which are oxygen-rich.
The formation of colloidal silica can be generated by acidification of silicate salts.
Heinz's group used mica, a silicate mineral that can be cleaved to produce smooth surfaces many microns across.
Most lava flows consist of basalt, which is a silicate.
Rather than silicate rocks, they'd have carbonaceous ones.
When they die they sink to the bottom of the reservoir, where the silicate remains.
Zircons--bits of zirconium and silicate that form in granite--are durable minerals.
They are too cool to have silicate clouds, but too warm for water clouds.
In silicate melts, water acts as a diluent and lowers the viscosity.
The older they are the darker they become because they get coated with darker silicate material from meteoroids.
Chrysotile is a mineral, part of the sheet silicate minerals.
Chemical weathering rates of silicate minerals in soils.
Plagioclase feldspars are yet another silicate that contains considerable sodium or calcium.
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