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Under a high-powered microscope the silica shells of single-celled algae are revealed in all their manifold beauty.
Lighter materials, such as the mineral silica, rose to the surface.
Raw materials, including silica and plant ash, were heated inside ovoid vessels that might have been recycled beer jars.
Similar reflective structures made from silica are also responsible for the shimmering color found in opals.
Diatoms already secrete silica by exocytosis-a biological process by which cells direct secreted material outside the cell walls.
The chemists are not sure why silica, which is not a catalyst, appeared to help produce more polymers than expected.
The material contains nitrogen-rich compounds called amines grown on porous silica.
Yes, there's a lot of silica around, but computers currently need it and solar panels do not.
Radiolarians are tiny protists that live inside intricate silica shells.
He began with rubber and silica, then progressed to bivalves and mice.
Chlorinated pesticides and crystalline silica are two suspects.
Volcanic ash is silica-based material and highly abrasive.
None of this can take place, however, if silica or large amounts of iron are present.
Inhalation of silica dust can cause silicosis among workers in sandblasting, quarrying, and stonecutting.
The best minerals for the job are silica and phosphate, but carbonate can work, too.
Thus it was known this would redirect the ecological effect toward species that are less dependent on silica.
To create the capsules, polymer layers are wound around tiny silica particles.
In an adsorption chiller, evaporated refrigerant is adsorbed-it adheres to a surface of a solid, such as silica gel.
At room temperature, the resulting bond is three times stronger than a direct bond between copper and silica.
Photonic crystals can be made by packing together beads of silica.
Most notably, it discovered deposits of salts and minerals such as sulfur and silica that only form in the presence of water.
Exposures to crystalline silica are addressed in specific standards for the construction industry.

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And I have seen dust from the walls of institutions, Finer than flour, alive, more dangerous than silica, S... more
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