silhouetted in a sentence

Example sentences for silhouetted

Arrange multiple silhouetted pumpkins along the center of an outdoor table.
Silhouetted dancers move through a series of stretching combinations.
The prettiest shot shows two aerialists silhouetted against the final moments of a glorious sunset.
Silhouetted against an out-of-focus window, a shadowy profile embodies introspection.
Sometimes it is the whaler under full sail silhouetted on the sun-silvered, choppy sea.
The pair grew especially energized each time one spotted a dive-bombing bat silhouetted against the sky.
His transformation took place behind a screen through which his silhouetted figure could be seen being groomed and coiffed.
They are amusing and allow the performers to be silhouetted as figures in a drawing.
Her figures are silhouetted against dark gouache renderings that seem backlighted by the sun or the moon.
Resting on a sofa, you may catch a glimpse of a silhouetted figure wandering up the staircase several levels above.
At first glance, there is nothing strikingly unusual about the silhouetted faces lining the walls here.
The sails at the right, for instance, are brilliantly silhouetted against the dark clouds.
Note the silhouetted food pictures on the far right of the chart.
The scene opens on a lone rider silhouetted against the backdrop of a vast and harsh wilderness.
The sky is a brilliant red, and the buildings are silhouetted in shadow.
Tools too small to be etched will be kept in silhouetted containers with an inventory list identifying them.
It stands empty now, but its silhouetted bay window is still easily recognizable.
It features small silhouetted people gazing through a telescope at large art pencils.
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