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Example sentences for silhouette

The first silhouette is clearly visible as a coiled snake, but the second is buried amid background clutter.
When the sun is low on the horizon, for example, the wall casts extended shadows that make it possible to discern its silhouette.
Slack has a tiny silhouette of a bat tattooed behind her ear.
She jams on the brakes and points ahead-there's one, in silhouette, pacing the road.
It suggested, in size and silhouette, a cruise liner more than a cargo vessel.
Sprint's build is slim, with a tapered silhouette that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
These hold gadgets closer to the body so that the silhouette is reduced.
The small human silhouette to the right gives the scene both scale and an active sense of viewing.
If you want a silhouette, expose for the background.
The silhouette of the plane's wing crosses above a section dotted with sunspots.
As the seal rises, the fish above it are backlit by the ice above and easily spotted in silhouette.
Use some distinctive feature of the place you are visiting as a silhouette against a rising or setting sun.
The car will get a new silhouette that's more in the shape of the real car.
Her existence as a silhouette, an untouchable presence--or rather, apparition--reinforces the idea of virtue.
There was a defined silhouette: bias-cut skirts created a sinuous shape.
When people see each other only in silhouette, he said, they feel alienated.
When a square peacoat was put over this lean silhouette, the look was contemporary.
At the end of the second one, definitely, it had a more regal silhouette.
Or pan the camera with flying birds and silhouette the flock against pink western clouds.

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