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Burglars don't make too much noise by breaking windows anymore, they simply pull on door handles and enter silently.
He reacts silently to each new revelation rather than spinning out glib one-liners, and he lets his pain show.
The king stood up, holding the cup in his hands, and all in the hall waited silently.
It can get closer to its target, move to new locations faster and hover almost silently above a property or outside a window.
When losses occur participants are left to stew silently.
Back in the desert, a pilotless aircraft has been cruising silently for many hours, thousands of metres above the ground.
Its biggest reform, though, may be one taking place silently and without high-profile legislation: a clampdown on tax evasion.
Silently, they prostrate themselves before the abbot, while he scribbles down their new monastic names.
But look closer and you find that ordinary people have always silently played a role.
They silently rise from the table and proceed outside.
Polar bears often rest silently at a seal's breathing hole in the ice, waiting for a seal in the water to surface.
The others sit or lie in hammocks, waiting silently, fretfully.
We park at the edge of a wheat field and do the last mile and a half silently on foot.
We all file by silently, glancing at his bloated, waxen corpse.
Sit silently until the interviewer resumes the questions.
Here's the latest in electric personal transport, a car that silently propels you and your grocery bags all around town.
It's all mind-bogglingly complex but works smoothly, seamlessly and almost silently.
Unlike many in the tech world, he's a quiet disrupter, sabotaging business models silently and irretrievably.
He occasionally showed up for court hearings about the case, but sat silently in the audience with other court observers.
The patrol of chimpanzees leaves early in the afternoon, silently moving through the forest in single file.
They incubate silently for years, slowly eating the brain away and leaving it full of holes.
Patients thought of a word, changed its tense or number and silently articulated it.
And all of that is done pretty silently, with a minimal exchange of words.
Most administrators either want to join the dark side or silently accede to it.
Criticism is silently belittled as political disagreement, a settling of scores, as vindictive.
But outside the study lounge, in the foyer of the campus library, a handful of people silently protested.
The interesting permutation in this backchannel backlash, to me, is that it was conducted silently.
They draw in water and then expel it to move silently at speeds of up to six knots.
The bob of my head, the sweep of my arm silently echoed between the mirrors, each reflected image nudging the next.
In the time since then, the virus had silently scarred his liver.
Watching the two bright dots glide silently across the sky is a surreal experience.
As an occasional vehicle slowly skirts the town's commons, bundled bicyclists glide by silently.
Scared by this silently rising pressure of violence, he forced himself back into civilization and began treatment.
Edge has put together a the haiku master is embedded silently within the haiku.
The few reporters at their pods silently watched their new boss as she walked by.
The listeners register their reactions silently, with their hands.
Most said grace before eating, though they did it silently and discreetly, with a quick bow of the head.
Under the gaze of a security camera, the rest of the team filed silently onto the property.
Those who were able walked silently toward the suburbs in the distant hills, their spirits broken, their initiative gone.
She walks into the bedroom and sees him crying silently on the bed.
Ensconced securely inside, he silently sets himself up as the ship's alternate commander.
In a ravine she went where a spring was silently flowing through a hollow log.
Nobody should have to silently watch someone with this history be converted into some sort of universally beloved literary saint.
Darkness obscured his face, but his eyes seemed to watch my lips silently open and close.
But genetic diseases that show up only in an animal homozygous for a recessive trait can be carried silently for generations.
He nods silently, closes his eyes, and leans his head back against the chair.
From fifteen he counts down silently, saying only the ten and the five aloud.
They stood there silently for a moment, the heart of each too full for speech.
Each time he said the words he was silently including himself.
At parties he would sit silently and pick his cuticles.
To her irritation, he listens silently, and says nothing in reply.
Eventually they move on to confession, and for this they sit silently for the better part of five minutes.
If he answers incorrectly, he dies, completely silently.
The parent tumor may have lurked silently within the lung for years.
For the rest of the school year, silently question normative gender roles.
Conan sat silently listening, slowly getting more and more worked up, until he was all but shaking with emotion.
Bobby was sitting at the end of a long table, staring silently at his plate, picking at his food.
The rats strike at night, so silently you don't know they're there, and the next morning everything is gone.
On any given summer day, the valley floor shimmers silently in the heat.
Check the permissions: if they are wrong, the agent may fail silently.
When fluent readers read silently, they recognize words automatically.
The moderator directs everyone to write ideas in brief phrases or statements and to work silently and independently.
The owl molts yearly, but only one feather at a time, so it can always fly silently.
The mule skinner walks silently with the mules, making sure they do not sit down on the job.
In the distance, a heard of bison silently graze while a nearby meadowlark whistles a pleasant song.
They operate almost silently and produce no smoke or pollution.
But many times, water flows through the tank silently, which is why toilet leaks are often overlooked.
While you listen, render them silently to yourself simultaneously with the speaker.
The courtroom was packed with friends and family who also sat silently as the verdicts were returned.

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