silent alarm in a sentence

Example sentences for silent alarm

He has engineered mice with in-built silent alarm clocks.
Use open-mike radio, silent alarm, flashing overhead lights.
Try to inform the robber of any surprise other than tripping the silent alarm.
The system must transmit a silent alarm when triggered.
The teller emptied her drawer into the bag, including marked bait money, and tripped the silent alarm.
Thereafter, she reached under the counter and pushed the button to activate a silent alarm.
Bank employees activated a silent alarm and police officers arrived on the scene.
Alarms used for concealed application requires silent alarm notification to a monitoring station.
One day she responded to a silent alarm at a local bank.
Holdup alarm means a silent alarm signal generated by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a robbery in progress.
Silent alarm means an alarm system that has no audible sound at the protected premises.
All necessary safety precautions are being taken including a silent alarm system.
If a driver encounters an emergency situation, a panic button can be activated as a silent alarm.
Manually triggered silent alarm systems connected, at a minimum, directly to the monitoring rooms of the surveillance department.
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