signpost in a sentence

Example sentences for signpost

We tend to get stuck at some signpost, proclaiming it the ultimate light.
For him the netsuke, so small and captivating, were not enough as a mere signpost to a family history.
Every side road had a signpost warning of the unwisdom of photography and the presence of military installations.
It was not so much an actual date as a signpost indicating the distant future.
In that sense, the debate is a signpost to the party's future.
Choosing the best signpost depends on the expected snow depth.
The signpost sales are not advertised to the public and knowledge of them is transferred via word of mouth.
For deeper snow, a much taller fixed wooden signpost may be needed.
Damaged breakaway signposts may be made into signpost stubs.

Famous quotes containing the word signpost

The trouble with our age is that it is all signpost and no destination.... more
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