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Other similar stone structures were objects of veneration, signifying places of power or the abode of spirits.
Signs signifying how far away major cities in the world are.
The bulky microphone soon took on a symbolic role, signifying the urgency and excitement of radio itself.
Astronomers spot earliest light signifying a star's doom.
Paper maps with ridges signifying roads are not ideal either, because they cannot convey enough information.
The blink is a physical manifestation signifying that one has taken in what was being communicated.
The symmetry of private semantic narrative against public a-signifying topology.
It all smacks of student-grade stuff: full of portent, without signifying much.
But the precise definition of the term leadership can be at times opaque, signifying many things, not all uniform.
The technology becomes pretty images, signifying nothing.
She outfits herself in the provided accoutrements, signifying surrender to absolute luxury.
They were carrying broadswords at their waist, signifying that they were trusted to bear arms in the presence of the monarch.
The fun fact about trends in drugs is even they go up or down, they are still signifying use.
Leachate filling the pit will lift a float, which sounds an alarm signifying that the primary liner system has been breached.
The signifying image, word, flashes a message that cannot be received by a different set of preconceptions.
Aside from signifying that training camps really are up and running again, don't read too much into this one.
Pitchers and catchers began to report to camps last week, signifying that baseball is close to resuming.
And full of sound and fury at that, signifying millions of dollars.
Students must initial after each item and sign the form signifying they understand.
The supervisor shall sign and date the certificate, signifying the employee did participate and complete the course requirements.
It all might turn out to be sound and fury signifying nothing.

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