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The advantages of living in a state park significantly outweigh the disadvantages.
But if growth is progressing significantly out of bounds, you may have to dig out the portions that have gone too far.
Recycling as much of your household garbage as possible can significantly reduce your contribution to landfills.
The vast majority of them will live in urban areas, and will have a significantly higher average age than people today.
But your growing season better be significantly longer than that.
But it also implies bad news if inflation rises significantly.
The sense of touch can be significantly improved using drug therapy, new research suggests.
And her voice was significantly better than whoever is singing this version.
Studies show that chewing gum after a meal can significantly reduce the severity of heartburn.
Legal issues concerning higher education have grown significantly in scope and impact over the past five decades.
In short, the survey found that the majority of those who spend significantly on travel care about their destinations.
Twenty-five years ago, those proportions were all significantly lower.
But the temperature drop significantly increases the rodents' life spans, scientists say.
The team also found that switching between complex tasks took significantly longer than switching between simple ones.
Even with step-by-step photos, the learning curve is significantly high.
But the researchers found that total vegetation and marsh area in the three had not grown significantly.
Improving medical standards significantly will take more than lots of fancy new equipment, necessary though that is.
Twenty-five percent of respondents said the value had not changed significantly.
These portable, versatile power sources figure significantly in making technology accessible.
Even rats with low preference for booze drank significantly less after treatment.
Computational power has significantly increased in the last two decades and is growing exponentially.
Such changes within the snake significantly raise the demand for oxygenated blood.
Not many countries in the world are currently immersed in significantly reforming their higher education systems.
Furthermore gas partial pressures may significantly affect things.
Much of this region has been significantly altered by cattle, sheep, and goat grazing and farming.
They have significantly higher energy density and can store more electricity than any currently available technology.
Once students reach universities, costs multiply significantly.
That's not nearly fast enough to significantly close the knowledge gap.
But in years of no sea ice, what krill the researchers found were significantly larger.
Reducing aggressive driving on the highway can improve your gas mileage significantly.
Revenues of this tiny island have traditionally come from exports of phosphates, now significantly depleted.
The local populations were devastated by war and, more significantly, by disease.
He also, and perhaps more significantly, established a cave bear skull on a stone slab perched place.
It was a significantly larger part of our economic structure.
Potter and his colleagues discovered that ratings by trial observers varied significantly from one testing site to another.
Being able to do that for the human brain could change our world significantly, he says.
Most significantly, it has been engineered to improve the performance of web applications.
The amount of quality time that students spend with their professors varies significantly, depending on a student's major.
But the lending market has already changed significantly.
As a result of its recalculations, its rankings have changed significantly.
Tourism contributes significantly to the city's economy, as do the automotive, finance and health care industries.
And it significantly increases the amount of blood flow you've got going, which is vital when you get to end stage heart failure.
Any organization, whether biological or social, needs to change its basic structure if it significantly changes its size.
As an interesting aside, the increase in tablet ownership has been significantly slower.
What they found, to their surprise, was that proposers significantly increased their offers.
Contract law, property law, and criminal law all vary significantly from state to state.
In practice the penalties were significantly less, because the town had insufficient funds to maintain a jail.
Most significantly, the animal's fur and soft tissue are also fossilized.
More-efficient and better-functioning flushers can significantly reduce the water wasted when you visit the loo.
Costa estimates that the use of seals as ocean surveyors is significantly cheaper than conventional methods.
If you take risks with preparation and care, you can increase those odds significantly in your favor.
Learning to reduce, reuse and recycle allows the life of a product and the materials it is made of to be significantly extended.
Private pesticide dumps could raise the figure significantly.
More significantly, he has shown that if such ageing cells are selectively destroyed, these adverse effects go away.
And if the new ships claim no overall record for size they will significantly alter the economics of container shipping.
But depending on the migrant workers' country of residence, the cost of sending money home varies significantly.
The results show that overall sales seldom decline significantly and consumer purchasing patterns barely change.
More significantly, the government has allowed foreign airlines to invest in cargo airlines.
More significantly, the drug also seems to work in people.
Its other stated priority is to stamp out corruption, which significantly raises producers' costs and deters investment.
Curbing the powers of bounty-hunters would make them significantly less effective and would probably be challenged in the courts.
Indeed, its shape has changed numerous times over its history and its polar axis has wandered significantly.
Smart design of average condominiums, offices and other common buildings can significantly lessen their urban footprint, too.
But scientists have recently focused on a specific type of worry that is significantly linked to depression.
But they performed significantly better in all other tests.
The younger adults created significantly richer scenarios.
On the surface, the groups did not differ significantly.
Restoring blood flow can revive enough neurons to significantly improve recovery.
The results offer new insight into why malaria patients often deteriorate significantly at the fever stage.
The researchers found that the femurs of the individuals in the heavier group had significantly wider shafts.
The headliner can significantly influence the food served to the crew, which can have a palpable effect on the morale of the tour.
But during the past two decades companies have got significantly better at responding quickly to changes in the marketplace.
To call this story unsettling is to significantly undersell its power.
Usually, big profits can be earned only if one takes on significantly more risk or uncovers new information.
At these stores, you can buy fine-label garments at prices significantly lower than those at department stores and boutiques.
It's been shown that your odds of survival can be significantly improved with a relatively small amount of planning.
And if the economy gets significantly worse, the increase in bad loans will probably cancel out the effect of wider spreads.
And the curious result was that those who hadn't watched the comedy video made significantly more mistakes than those who had.
Because of the way this information is stored, archive searches may be significantly slower than online searches.
Most significantly, he made a small fortune by selling art.
When polls are taken that mention the consequences of default, the support for not raising the ceiling drops significantly.
Then again, the shirt may be enough to significantly raise the band's visibility.
The idea that worldwide oil production is likely to drop significantly, with disastrous consequences, is not a fringe belief.
And anything effecting neurotransmitter synthesis has potential to significantly affect fitness.
They can also significantly increase the strength and size of undamaged muscles with little more than an injection.
The researchers noted that religious diversity varies significantly across the globe.
More significantly, the ominous warnings feed on a popular misconception of how the mind works.
Growing location also significantly affected appearance and texture.
As it turned out, the actor pulled the lever significantly more when the receiver heard the sound.
Eliminating nearly all the unburned fuel significantly reduces the ensuing smoke and hydrocarbons.
Significantly, no chemist uses the term unnatural products, except as a joke.
Even more remarkably, when they offer significantly less than half, they're often rejected.
These showed noticeably brighter regions of yellow, suggesting that their decisions demanded significantly more brain power.
After eight years he again repeated the whole process and found those two-year effects significantly more pronounced.
They use significantly less energy than desktop computers.
Say there's a lot of dark matter and the expansion is slowing down significantly.
They show that this model fits the data significantly better.
The fabrication methods did not change significantly over time, however.
Furthermore, the total number of untried political prisoners has not changed significantly in the last four years.
Yet today, there are still no significantly higher capital requirements for them.
Blind and double-blind tests have been administered, and the gorillas' level of performance is significantly above chance.
During the period that followed, his commitment and motivation significantly diminished.
With the convention, the danger of biological weapons is not eliminated but it is significantly reduced.
If a political process is to stand a chance of succeeding, the fighting needs to end or diminish significantly.
Nothing is significantly changed in this situation by the introduction of genetic engineering.
As you point out, our views are shaped by experiences that coincide on some points, and differ significantly in others.
Peer-matching could significantly help in making explicit the many potential but suppressed communities of the city.
The level of appointments in the past did not seem to suffer significantly because no hearings were held.
In addition, drug use among minorities increased significantly.
He says the condition of the whales had significantly deteriorated.
But significantly increasing oil recovery will require new technologies.
It's unclear if they actually significantly improve health behavior.
Methane-based fuels could be significantly cleaner than petroleum ones.
The new approaches significantly lower the cost of making high-end crystalline silicon for highly efficient solar cells.
Be that as it may, it also has a certain elegance and explanatory power that makes it worth pursuing in significantly more detail.
It also significantly streamlines the experience of installing apps on a tablet.
As a result, not only are electronic operations significantly faster, but less power is needed to push the electrons.
But it also changes the bubble dynamics significantly.
The system significantly reduced vibrations, saved energy, and allowed rotor movement to be more precisely controlled.
The researchers found that the system could significantly reduce the risk of an accident while driving.

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