significant other in a sentence

Example sentences for significant other

If you and your significant other need to get away from it all, head south.
For couples who eventually married the significant other they first cohabited with the divorce rate was significantly lower.
There was often overt relationship conflict involved, either with a significant other or with family members.
You've found that perfect, pricey gift for your significant other.
Everyone knows it's no fun to be away from your significant other.
But behind many top chefs and restaurateurs stands a talented significant other.
My significant other will be moving with me to a new state that is unfamiliar to us both.
Your entire first year, she says, no one should know the gender of your significant other.
There are only a lucky few among us who can't relate to the intense pain of being rejected by a significant other.
Unpredictable behavior from a significant other could bring you down.
Picture this guy going home, showing off his new art work to his significant other.
The area's natural and cultural attractions provide plenty of activities to enjoy with your significant other.
When you meet your significant other, you can kiss or hug her.
Share your destination ideas with your significant other.
Limestone cliffs and underground waterfalls create a picturesque place to spend time with a significant other.
Consider surprising your significant other with a trip.
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