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Look closely and you'll find signed copies from authors who have stayed in the room.
The trades could be made because of lax supervision by faculty members who signed off on the procedures, the newspaper reported.
Each is printed on archival paper and signed by the photographer.
And yet, remarkably, even in the depths of the cold war a stream of human-rights treaties was still being signed.
It was signed by ten metropolitans, fifteen bishops, and an infinite number of priests and monks.
We were simply objects among bones, bones among objects, and then signed and sealed with a date.
If you have a signed model release, please retain it in your personal files.
And he had a scroll that every student he ever had signed.
After the talk, have your copy of the book signed by the author.
So she signed up at the same time and was initiated in the following weeks.
If he signed the measure, he would be expected to constrain inflation without the mechanisms to do so.
But, don't forget that as an agency-signed model, you are contract bound.
These badly written, hastily signed forms are meaningless or worse, health literacy experts say.
The contract you signed that makes you say that must pay a pretty penny to have bought your soul.
Or she needs time to coach the ghostwriter and promote the product of a cash-rich book project she recently signed a contract for.
Signed comment about the regional practice of cities getting together and reading a single novel.
Signed comment about the difficulty in pronouncing the twenty-first century.
Now even his harshest critics have signed on for the show.
Perhaps people who have signed up as organ donors when they die could also have the option of artificial life sustenance.
After much negotiation, last year the city government and the coke industry signed an agreement.
The financial bailout package signed into law today has some bonus provisions for renewable energy and plug-in vehicles.
Once a representative has signed, he or she cannot do it again and so take no further part in the process.
Many apomixis researchers have since signed up with private companies.
Also, when he gave someone a drawing or a print, he always signed and also inscribed it.
Some wars end cleanly, with a signed surrender and a great parade.
The text of that statement follows, together with a partial listing of those who have signed it.
Washoe and the chimpanzees with whom she lived also signed to each other when no humans were present.
There were a lot of arrest orders ready and signed by the battalion commander, with a blank area.
After release of the letter, its organizers invited signatures from anyone in the world, and within days hundreds more had signed.
The accounts, signed only with initials, have never been medically proven.
Perhaps you have a dim sense that some agreements have been signed to protect the rainforests, some programs put in place.

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