signage in a sentence

Example sentences for signage

What looks good in print, may not look good on a computer screen, and again in signage.
Each subway station entrance has clear signage that tells riders what trains stop at the station.
Roads currently operated as a part of both systems have clear signage and sound surface conditions.
The ship will also get digital signage, electronic mustering and an outdoor movie screen.
The resort in the hills isn't easy to find, with virtually no signage, so as to discourage sightseers.
Imagine snooty attendants with ear sets or signage that discriminates between customers to pander to the wealthiest customers.
E-ink competes in several product categories including e-readers and electronic signage.
The group will also be testing road signage, utilities, and infrastructure systems used in typical hurricane preparations.
The camera crews focussed on the creative signage, and the sign makers played to the camera crews.
And still completely free of advertising and signage.
For all that they spent on the ballpark, the builders skimped on the signage.
Ing offers video signage and a motion-activated greeting.
And it is not signage or architecture or traffic flow.
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