sign off in a sentence

Example sentences for sign off

Then thank the committee for its consideration and sign off.
The applicant's department chair and dean must also sign off on the plan.
They read it, sign off on it, and then the hiring manager is free to make an offer.
Dean's secretary would write and get dean to sign off.
Many universities have boards sign off not only on capital budgets for athletics but operating budgets as well.
Don't blame the logo designer too much: think of all the people who had to sign off on the logo before it could be approved.
They were serving a useful purpose, some lawyers had been found to sign off on them, and that was that.
All too often, shareholders and board members sign off on management decisions without bothering to convince themselves.
The pilot only ever turns the fasten seat belt sign off to prevent a mutiny.
Don't sign off on anything yet, but get the busywork done.
They only want you to sign off on their beliefs, and they find it threatening when people don't do exactly that.
Courtiers are under strict instructions not to sign off on anything without the couple's consent.
Thus the fabulous original film has found an honorable way to sign off.
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