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In your case, you should write a letter and get all the adjuncts to sign it.
The text is the absurd writing of one determined to write all the same, to produce text, to sign whatever texts come his way.
Unless you are looking at charts of current constellations, you probably don't have your sign correct.
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Researchers develop software that compresses data, allowing real-time video to be used to convey sign language over mobiles.
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The contract for me to sign arrived in the mail about a month ago.
Avoid boots with padding inside, a sure sign of shoddy construction.
Colleges that sign on to the code will have a year to comply with its standards.
Loads of earthworms are visible, too-another healthy sign.
And that policy is itself a sign that the central bank is extremely concerned about the economic outlook.
Visitors usually view the animals from their cars, but they can also sign up for walks in the company of armed rangers.
It entirely lacked any sign of internal bone structure that a real dinosaur bone would exhibit.
Water-filled valve boxes or leaking sprinklers may be a sign that valves need to be repaired or replaced.
Maybe it is an indifferent norm, rather than a sign of disrespect or ignorance.
Unusual grimaces are normally the first sign that something is wrong.
But not everyone agrees that the new game is a sign of progress.
It's the physicians or the authors: me drafting something and having someone else sign his name.
In my way of thinking, it's not a good sign when a school asks for a minimum salary requirement.
So let us begin anew-remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.
He might sign their works or they his without much detriment to either side.
It is one of the few specimens of army slang that shows any sign of surviving in the general speech.
Anyhow, the sign on the door or the hearth should protect you against fire and water and thieves.
Yet there was no sign of lethargy or sluggishness anywhere about it.
The sure sign of the general decline of an art is the frequent occurrence, not of deformity, but of misplaced beauty.
Mineral extraction and agricultural deforestation have taken a toll, and incursions into the region show every sign of expanding.
People with a positive sign have loose skin that slips free from the underlying layers when rubbed.
Critics say this is a sign that the courts did not presume his innocence.
But after the third day in detention without access to the outside world, he was persuaded to sign a confession.
Visit the country and you will see no outward sign of crisis.
The great squeeze cannot go on forever, of course, but it shows no sign of slackening.
The only sign of resistance comes from fund managers, many of whom say their duty is simply to achieve the best returns.
But it could also be a sign that the motor that has driven its growth to date is sputtering.
So you've got to scramble and find a printer, sign the paperwork, and then locate a fax to send it off.
Asking graduate students to sign a letter was yet another misstep.
Show any sign of weakness, and the faculty will eviscerate you.
She made clear on the sign that she would look your materials over, talk to you, and then make her decision.
The applicant's department chair and dean must also sign off on the plan.
Know your rights when you sign contracts with publishers or others to distribute your work.
Then thank the committee for its consideration and sign off.
If you didn't sign a contract, then you can withdraw.
Couldn't sign things for players or scouts or anybody.
Make the students sign a pledge regarding the contribution of each member.
The congregation may be asked to exchange a sign of peace toward the end of the service.
Her coworker pointed out, in a thick brogue, that she had failed to press the sign of the cross into the top before cooking it.
It's a sign of belonging to a relatively poor group.
When it started, you were lucky if people had any kind of sign, or a table covering.
The number of objections could be a sign of the importance of the arguments.
Another research group has already predicted rapidly melting sea ice this summer, and the trend shows no sign of abating.
Mind wandering is not necessarily the sign of a boring column.
When vain folks sign up for a service so they can be rated by a group of narcissistic pretty people this is bound to happen.
These accelerating patterns are a sign of social learning at work.
Above him a digital sign fastidiously counted the growing number of climate refugees around the world.
Some attend once and others twice a week, learning new sign vocabulary and sign sentences and questions.
Singer could once speak, and that his use of sign language was elected.
But, as of yet, there is no sign of a general rush to trade protectionism or to beggar-thy-neighbor currency policies.
Its presence is a sure sign that people are not living with civilized amenities.
There is no sign that he uses the office to make sketches.
But it's for that reason that his failure can be taken, in some way, as a positive sign for the country.
She called to him, but he made no sign that he heard her.
The first sign of trouble was a leaky spot in the hallway roof.
The first sign-language dictionary that's searchable by gesture.
The idea is to develop software to translate sign language into text, easing communication between the hearing and the deaf.
And these conversation have to be regular to be a sign of a significant social bond, so occasional contacts don't count.
But this stagnation shouldn't be seen as a sign that social bookmarking is no longer relevant.
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They tore down the sign to her law office, which is in the same building, and marked the building with graffiti.
That, as much as any other sign, shows the depth of the recession's effect on businesses.
Removing the sign helps the consumer sidestep the harsh reality of outstanding bills and longer-term financial concerns.
The principal or designee should complete and sign the first page of the nomination form.
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