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Each population is derived from a pigmented, fully sighted surface- or river-dwelling form.
In that regard, his actions seem no less short-sighted than theirs.
Judgement many times seems fueled by these short sighted concepts which cause world violence and cycles of human destruction.
For the sighted, it's a chance to better appreciate the daily struggles of the blind and visually handicapped.
For it would be short-sighted to regard the grouping of certain figures in an undescribed batch as an incompleteness.
Fear is sharp-sighted, and can see things under ground, and much more in the skies.
But that's a short-sighted view, psychologists now say.
He blew away the ash and sighted down the bevels and found no warp or screw.
The budgetary backsliding is in fact a symptom of a profound policy shift toward selfish and short-sighted policies.
If it is short-sighted and/or wrong headed, our government will endorse it if it is big-picture, long-term smart.
We shouldn't be wasting any more brain power or resources on such a dangerous, short-sighted energy policy.
And he is not the only senator to produce short-sighted profit-enhancing legislation having to do with factory foods.
To discount models is short sighted and ignores all the science behind the models.
Either way, don t be as short sighted as the authors of this article and venture to ask the questions.
The commission dispatched a sharp-sighted fleet-footed mole.
The continual expansion by us into the animal habitat is short sighted and atrocious.
Thinking solely on today is short sighted and the reason why humanity is in the trouble it is right now.
History has shown that it was a short-sighted strategy by the league.
You're welcome to be selfish and short-sighted but don't expect to be congratulated on it.
Far-sighted and nimble sourcing, needless to say, has become more important than ever.
Her clear-sighted boss realised that this was not what she really wanted to do.
Those imprudent ancestors have become symbols for mankind's short-sighted carelessness with his environment.
Our society is to short sighted to make the necessary investments in this field required for success.
What a hideous and short-sighted abomination this is, all for the sake of money and/or being cared for in old-age.

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