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Example sentences for sigh

At long last, summer has breathed a warm sigh of relief, signaling that the season's customary activities can officially begin.
My husband favored me with a sigh suggesting that the family had long noted my derangement.
If that happens, astronomers around the world will breathe a sigh of relief.
The city heaved a collective sigh of relief-but it has been coughing ever since.
Discuss the degree to which the students are in agreement about what the gestures and sigh meant to them.
The measurements are right on, and the group heaves a collective sigh of relief.
It's tough work, his sigh seems to say, but someone's got to do it.
Those already feeling buried under their unanswered e-mail gave a collective sigh of relief upon hearing this explanation.
Yet far from heaving a sigh of relief, investors are nervous.
The group gives a collective sigh of delight, wonder, and a pinch of relief.
The entire camp let out a sigh when the last survey flight landed.
The life-filled open spaciousness of this and the grounded earthiness of it make me sigh.
Academics welcome summer with a collective sigh of relief.
Straying spouses around the country breathed a sigh of relief.
His departure induced in us all a collective sigh of relief.
As often as not, it's easiest to give in-and a collective sigh of relief swells through the shop.
Some might sigh over the intrusion of the modern world.
Many of the world's established carmakers are breathing a collective sigh of relief.
There was a collective sigh of relief when the brothers were later released.
Then, everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief.
AS the taxi drivers cavort about town they don't sigh for the good old days.
When it comes to matters of state, these poems only comment and sigh from the sidelines.
Australians may now sigh with relief that a new government is soon to be.
One night, a small sigh of pleasure escaped my lips at the dinner table.
In conversation she'll occasionally grunt or sigh, but she stopped speaking altogether in her early twenties.
Stay alert, plunge out of the traffic flow into curbside parking, and sigh with relief when you're there.
Not every student can learn all required information, the deputy rector said with a sigh.
As he breathed a sigh, the air sounded through the reeds, and produced a plaintive melody.
One brief sigh sufficed to carry off the entire burden of these dismal reminiscences.
And then his little sigh of relief, suppressed but audible.
But other observers think it is too early for the industry to let out a collective sigh of relief.
Now those who try it are more likely to sigh with relief.
Several of the residents mistake us for their grandkids, and sigh when they learn we're not.
Teetering on high heels with a sober expression, she began and ended the performance with an audible sigh.
Studio bosses stroke their three-day-bearded chins and sigh at the memory of that wonderful year.

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