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Example sentences for siege

Polo probably heard of the siege and took note of it.
But even though the enemy has yet to be vanquished, it is still under siege from all angles.
And local fishermen are feeling as if they are under siege.
Growing human populations and improved fishing technology have placed marine animals under siege across the world's oceans.
The baggage and papers of officers and soldiers taken during the siege to be likewise preserved for them.
The second consequence has been the fraying of an empire, and the sight of its emperor under siege.
The librarians at the round desk in the middle look out at the siege uneasily.
But never have the testers been more under siege than in the past twelve months.
But little attention is being paid to the fact that our system of electing a president is under siege.
Although some gangsters escaped the siege via storm-water drains, others are reported to have been ferried out in police cars.
Possibly they had earlier smuggled in supplies in preparation for a long siege.
Eighteen months under siege had already drained hospitals of medicine and working equipment.
For all the popularity of cowboys, ranchers say they are under siege.

Famous quotes containing the word siege

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