sideshow in a sentence

Example sentences for sideshow

Sideshow is my one-stop shop for great random gifts.
Worthy and important, of course, but a sideshow to another of the events that is taking place this month.
For years, this software commons was no more than an obscure sideshow.
Aside from the pursuit of war and some shifting definition of victory, everything else is a political sideshow for him.
He plays a carnival sideshow performer who has a natural talent for cold reading.
Circus sideshow freaks of nature dominate this odd tale of a perfectly dysfunctional family.
Unfortunately, there are times when a sideshow takes center stage.
Claims that regulations that raise the cost of doing business will create new jobs are, at best, a sideshow.
Stuck between zombies and a sideshow, the workers must learn to survive with each other or die trying.
There also will be a ghoul-filled maze and a sideshow with food, magic shows, rides and games.
We've embarked on this effort to transform how development is delivered because development is not and cannot be a sideshow.

Famous quotes containing the word sideshow

They won't come to learn, only to stare. I'll be a freak in a sideshow: Lazarus the Second! Fifty cents to ... more
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