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In other words, antibiotic soaps appeared to have made those patients sicker.
We as a society will continue to get sicker and sicker and the food and drug industries will continue to get richer and richer.
The organism may be sicker, he observes, but it is living longer.
Give them medications that they can not get off of with side effects that seems make them sicker.
As the rich world grows older and sicker and the poor world gets wealthier and fatter, the cost of health care is soaring.
Little by little, however, she grew sicker-increasingly exhausted and short of breath.
If you do not act to fix them, you are actually leaving your brain and your body open to get sicker.
Yet in every developed country society is becoming sicker rather than healthier, and social problems are multiplying.
It's not a case where the older you get, the sicker you get.
But they are likely to drive up premiums for the older and the sicker.
As he became sicker and sicker, he hid the severity of his problem more cunningly from everyone but his family and close friends.
And they're a symptom that can make the economy even sicker.
For older or sicker patients, epidural or spinal anesthesia may be used.
Paradoxically, he loved life more as he grew sicker.
But he is a lot sicker than doctors realized when they prescribed it.
Keep hospital patients from getting injured or sicker.
Experts believe the device will expand options for frailer, sicker patients.
For example, they may be older, or sicker before treatment.

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