sick leave in a sentence

Example sentences for sick leave

Employer limits on sick leave reinforced this perception.
Research suggests that working hours, sick leave and job security are cushier in the public sector.
Since the government picks up the sick-pay tab, some employers put workers on sick leave during seasonal drops in demand.
Other benefits include holiday, annual and sick leave, and university rank and privilege.
Sick leave, sabbatical and other leaves are available according to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.
Many of them do not have health insurance or sick leave or any of the other benefits that academics take for granted.
He's going to bring in deputies on long-term sick leave to handle office duties, freeing other officers to check up on parolees.
Sick leave is a period of approved absence with pay from official duties.
There are several instances when employees may use sick leave for family care, bereavement, and adoption.
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