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Fortunately, physicians no longer believe that bleeding the sick will make them healthy.
We seem to take turns getting sick, feeling better, then getting sick all over again.
After all, healthy people can work longer and harder than sick people.
Doctors have known for a long time that feeling lonely can make you physically sick, but until now they did not know why.
Manufacturing jobs disappear because economies are healthy, not sick.
But by creating compounds that benefit the sick, they are offering a mental boost to the healthy, too.
Ours was the sick feeling of cowards that compels hanging around.
They vaccinated the healthy and quarantined the sick.
Poor countries are sick because they are poor, but they are also poor because they are sick.
Research suggests the so-called brutes fashioned tools, buried their dead, maybe cared for the sick and even conversed.
Imagine knowing you'll be too sick to go to work, before the faintest hint of a runny nose or a sore throat.
Sick leave, sabbatical and other leaves are available according to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.
Canvas tents kept the sick separated and less likely to spread the deadly virus.
Other people make us smarter, but they also make us sick.
Without these urchins to graze on them, the algae quickly overran the stony corals, many of which were already sick.
But no combination of spices will mask the awful smell of rotten meat or keep you from getting violently sick.
That's a pretty sensationalistic way of saying those who were prayed for were a lot less sick.
Believe it or not, an opinion writer can sometimes get sick of his own voice.
There are hundreds of channels that can be flipped through when you are bored, sick or need to chill out.
With more people now falling sick from malaria than ever before, the need to tackle it has never been so urgent.
The stigmatization of the sick is already evident, as panic increases.
The country excels at treating sick people and does a horrible job keeping them from getting sick in the first place.
Research shows that many people get sick and even die from eating sea turtle meat.
The way that humans take care of the sick and infirm within their communities is considered a unique trait.
Lots of people are exposed to malaria and never get sick.
So when you're sick and you get the chills, the authors say, your body may be trying to tell you to hop under some blankets.
Volunteers care for the monkeys when they are sick or injured.
Is there somewhere to test the food that made me sick.
Used to be that sick kids got lollypops after a visit with the doctor.
One can literally make oneself sick thinking about these people.
People had been getting sick periodically for years, he said.
They have been sick for a few days and seem to be getting worse, not better.
We aren't there to fill in for last-minute enrollments, or for a full-time instructor who suddenly gets sick.
Voters, sick of the tales of graft that fill their newspapers, would have cheered swift action.
But when their business involves the residential care of elderly, sick or vulnerable people, it is a different matter.
Learn what steps you can take to minimize the chances you'll get sick.
The city will pick up medical costs for any guest who gets sick while visiting.
Researchers investigate a new treatment for liver cancer that could help patients too sick for traditional surgery.
Have taken a whole bunch of sick leaves this month and the last.
Her tests revealed it was sick with tuberculosis-the human version.
Some hospitals encourage handwashing by posting signs that tell docs a simple scrub will prevent them from getting sick.
His sick vision is your sweet tooth's wildest dream come true.
Gadgets only get away with these sick head games because they think they can.
But overall, funding for stem-cell research will surely increase, raising hopes for many sick people.
The industry, already sick because of the recession, turned a bit bluer in the face at the news.
Researchers are continually finding new evidence that common items in our kitchens, bathrooms and toy chests can make us sick.
In other words, they were often performed to make doctors richer rather than to make sick people better.
There they will care for sick vultures and try to identify what's killing these species.
Sick animals will likely be picked off by predators and not survive long enough to develop obvious symptoms.
People are now afraid when they get sick or unemployed because of the uncertain life they get.
Medical and sanitary wastes are biohazards that can make people sick.
The birds fly into power lines, get shot by sick people, and ingest chemicals of one kind or the other.
Especially important if the chicks are sick or stressed from traveling.
Through all hours of the night caring for the poor who were sick.
The hours of recreation he spent chiefly in prayer, and in secretly visiting and relieving the poor and the sick.
When the devil was sick he thought to become a monk.
They are also chronically sick, making it harder for them to escape poverty.
Genetic variety is the key to understanding why a drug works in some people and not in others or, worse yet, makes them sick.
People are already getting sick from being too sterile.
Crews then trek through remote canyons to check on the sick or dead condor and run tests on it and the carrion it was eating.
Eat something that's bad for you and you get sick, effectively teaching you to never eat that thing again.
That's a different between getting punched in the face and getting sick from a virus.
Perhaps more significantly, they said they lost less time to sick days than those in the other two groups.
Alcohol was accepted for a long time-actually considered a panacea, what you drank if you were sick or didn't have bread.
Ever since my father got sick four years ago, we've been behind in the store bills.
But the previous night he was too sick with pneumonia to read.
It was kinda fun to pour my water, take a sip, and watch everyone wait for me to get sick.
They faith-heal the sick by clutching the ailing area of the body and praying silently to the heavens, casting out demons.
Better to develop ways to prevent people from getting sick in the first place.
Oh, and he was wrong about smokers rarely getting sick.
These weak and sick seals were likely stranded because of a lack of food, caused by overfishing.
But you can get sick even with filters because the brain can become habituated to the gas without your realizing it.
There is also some evidence that both groups took care of their old and sick.
Doctors could not identify what was making him sick.
These animals are often sick and unable to hunt normally, or live in an area where their traditional prey has vanished.
Sick or weak house mice are forced out of the nest, because they can no longer contribute to feeding the family.
If it bites you then it's venomous, but if you eat it and then get sick, it's poisonous.
Or signing up for an additional advising slot because a colleague is sick and people are needed to cover.
It's not sick, but it's easy to visualize its hazards.
Family stuff happens, people get sick, babysitters quit.
If you are sick, then stay in your dorm and throw up in a bucket.
Sick seems unaffected by the shining needle, even though the steel projectile has pierced him.
The garden is in harvest mode, and maybe you're sick of weeding.
Most important, though the number of chronically sick in the city has risen sharply, medical services remain in tatters.
If someone gets sick, his health costs rise and the company's margin shrinks.
Others can only be made worse off if your illness increases the chances of their getting sick.
Visions of heaven kept the saints to their work till the right of sick people to be cared for was incidentally established.
Rous had been lucky: his chickens became sick only two weeks after infection.
They may not have the eye appeal of haute cuisine, but they sure taste good especially when you're sick.
Another concern is that government will control costs by rationing health care to the sick.
The air is so bad that several paparazzi have gone home sick.
Only her blood sample, which contained the disease's telltale antibodies, revealed that she was sick.
We didn't faint in the heat or get too dizzy and sick.
When they're sick or have their period they have a place to stay.
Lying on his bunk for a week, pretending to be sick, he had a lot of time to think.
For ten years the nation has been sick with debt, cynicism, and inefficiency.
At dinner many of the people in his seminar group were sick.
When a sick stomach won't go away, a good patient history can help.
All mammals get fevers, and even sick lizards instinctively head for a hot rock.
Seed beetles can get pretty beaten up, and fruit flies can even get sick from it.
She was constantly sick and in pain, but her parents stuck with homeopathy.
Some people are sick all the time, others never have a sick day in their lives.
The stationary bike tests have produced a biological clue, but it still doesn't explain why only one twin in each pair got sick.
Scientists have discovered a wide variety of animal species that use behavioral strategies to avoid becoming sick.
We realized that the sick mice all had to be turned onto the opposite side from the normal mice to show their stomachs.
The economic pressures on farmers are such that a sick calf is simply allowed to die if it can't easily be cured.
When their balance is disturbed, the theory goes, people get sick.
Neuroscientists these days regularly make spectacular discoveries about how the brain gets sick.
We had a case where a guy got sick after eating them, and the emergency room called.
At first she couldn't recall being sick, but then she remembered.
But when some ethically challenged doctors tried to infect people with the chimpanzee parasites, the subjects didn't get sick.
U can imagine, whenever one is sick, the stronger ones will attach the sick one.
He was in isolation because he could make the other animals there sick.
It's been years since they've heard your voice, and everyone's worried sick.
If foreign fans and coaches get sick, these are the doctors they will see.
Yet every day thousands are told, mistakenly, that they are sick and need treatment.
She told him that the floodwater was toxic and that he would soon become sick.
Health insurance is limited in what it covers and far from universal, so getting sick can be a costly proposition.
When my brother got sick and his insurers refused to pay, he needed help.
By now you've seen pictures of the sick, the dead, the orphans.
The overture was declined on the basis that he was too sick to talk, and perhaps that was the only reason for the rejection.
Because when a puppeteer gets sick, the characters wind up getting sick as well.
As you watch it, sick as it may be, you almost find yourself relating to these guys.
We're sick of him now and bored beyond exasperation.
Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick.
Hospitals render home-care increasingly impossible-and then justify hospitalization as a benefit to the sick.
Sometimes they arrested all adult males present in a house, including elderly, handicapped or sick people.

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