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Example sentences for shyness

Everybody complains of her inexperience, media-shyness and preference for diplomacy-by-communiqué.
She has turned shyness into an art form, wielding power from the shadows.
Given his alleged shyness, it must have been a tough task for him.
Some of us hesitate to approach the microphone out of shyness.
Shyness is the fear of negative judgment, while introversion is simply the preference for less stimulation.
When the social pressure would be too much, out popped a pack of smokes to deflect their shyness.
Sometimes the hardest part is overcoming shyness with strangers.
Cherry is overcoming his shyness and progress in all walks of life.
The volunteers are desperately trying to get him to overcome his shyness with strangers.
Please note: we're not talking about shyness, some character flaw.
Much of his shyness sprang from the fact that the things that occupied his mind would not have interested a casual listener.
She discusses her flashback, her difficulty concentrating, and her intense shyness.
What the self-promoting world needs now is shyness, more shyness, an essay says.
As if to reinforce that shyness, all the twists are straight.
He struggled with his shyness, his lack of technical expertise, and the need to think in images as well as in words.
Lane uses shyness as his case study of disease-mongering in psychiatry.
Religion is treated as a comfort in her books, where shyness and reserve are treated as a strength.
Researchers think people who suffer from extreme shyness may turn out to have a problem in their temporal lobes as well.
Shyness is a general term used for behavior that has several different bases.
But he had a stifling shyness and inability to express himself about emotion.
The frequent wars between my shyness and my social tendencies.
But this was to be a rare run without a client aboard, or the shyness that typically accompanies the use of such airplanes.
As with her husband, for all her considerable chutzpah, there is a surprising shyness about her.
There is a shyness about him that is rather subtle, because he has tremendous natural authority, which hides it.

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