shyly in a sentence

Example sentences for shyly

Visible on the page is a delicately playful strewing of words, looking to engage with each other in a shyly puzzled fashion.
Somewhat shyly announcing an epigrammatic or well-chosen phrase.
As they got up and moved inside, several of them looked at me with such curiosity and smiled shyly.
On stage, the writer belied his rock-star reputation, glancing shyly at his feet.
The father shyly declines, saying he plans to take her to a different clinic tomorrow.
She will kiss him, and they will wander shyly among the tenderloins.
He's shown seated at his famously plain desk, smiling shyly for the camera.
One group of tenth-form students shyly approached me to give me a handful of walnuts and a piece of bread.
We chatted and she shyly admitted she was really excited to be doing this on her own.
She winked one eye shyly and seemed to be flirting with the court.

Famous quotes containing the word shyly

When her husband clutches at her dress, she lowers her face, her modesty aroused. When he wants a wild embrace, she more
"Who are you," said the caterpillar. This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather more
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