shutter speed in a sentence

Example sentences for shutter speed

Rain, sun, wind and a slow shutter speed combined to make this photo possible.
Animals appear and disappear quickly, so always be prepared to snap a photo and set your camera on a fast shutter speed.
Shutter speed, white balance, photography equipment and printing are some of the topics covered in this day-long tour.
If you have good light and you're at a fairly high shutter speed, it's going to be a brilliant color photograph.
More than likely, the blurry photographs you're getting are a result of a shutter speed that's too slow.
The other factor is that using such a large aperture in bright daylight conditions requires an extremely fast shutter speed.
In low light, camera phones slow the shutter speed to let in more light and have a longer opportunity to capture movement.
If you have calm air you can get away with a surprisingly show shutter speed.
The set linked to above also has a pinhole attachment that fixes the aperture, forcing you to adjust shutter speed to compensate.
Bracketing means shooting three frames, changing the aperture or shutter speed to increase and decrease the amount of light.
Conversely, a shutter speed that is set too slow will overexpose the image, resulting in loss of data due to image saturation.
Shutter speed and aperture control how much light reaches the film.
The shutter speed of the camera is adjusted so that the particles create streaks on the film as they move through the light sheet.
Be sure that you can set the aperture and shutter speed manually on the camera.
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