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For years, she has stepped as close to those as she can without getting the place shut down.
Those animals are a priority so they don't get shut down.
The quake forced that project to shut down, and its sponsor had to make millions of dollars in payments for damaged buildings.
And the government has shut down many of the smallest and filthiest coal-fired power plants.
But many viruses have evolved ways to shut down these proteins.
But mechanical issues shut down the show while the astronauts were en route to the launch pad.
Those reactors had been shut down for maintenance since last winter.
The college is set to shut down, displacing hundreds of students and faculty members.
Strong or weak program has little to do with whether a program should shut down.
But the company failed to find enough takers, and it all but shut down after a brief run.
What a great to shut down an enterprising student by declaring his business illegal to use.
These moves would shut down many bullies quite quickly.
The area's fishing industry was shut down, and pictures of blackened beaches filled the news.
Instead of correcting policy in the light of the record, the light itself is being shut down.
What happens when minority interests shut down the legislative system.
When too much power consumption makes the spikes too high, the inverters will shut down to avoid damage to the components.
After a two-hour run, during which power levels of several thousand horsepower were achieved, the reactor was shut down.
If they fail to meet the terms of the charter, they can be quickly shut down.
Bacteria are easier because you can shut down mechanisms in the cell.
They apparently lack the biological wattage to shut down their startle response, and they are more prone to depression.
Others completely shut down the immune systems of their hosts.
The nuclear power plants have been shut down, with a possible meltdown in progress.
The state has two plants, one of which is among the seven to be shut down.
It also caused many energy and industrial facilities, and transportation services to shut down automatically.
Corn-ethanol plants are being shut down and some sold in bankruptcy proceedings for a fraction of their value.
When the conductivity changes abruptly, the wires signal the fault and a controller can automatically shut down the laser.
The three operating reactors there were immediately shut down.
And so they try to shut down all nuclear power generation facilities.
Neither civil engineers, environmentalists nor doctors are going to shut down cemeteries.
Teaching reactors at universities around the country have been shut down.
In the future, the depletion of hydrogen will dry out our oceans and all but shut down geologic cycles that stabilize the climate.
The automotive industries need to shut down and rework everything to build electric and hydrogen vehicles.
We know the reactors shut down as they were intended to do.
The best solution is to shut down all medical interventions.
Prove it first, then shut down the utility company equipment.
With higher levels of alcohol, problems can arise as important neural and other bodily systems become overinhibited and shut down.
Yet, the artificial light is not sufficiently intense to shut down the secretion of melatonin.
Because all of the reactors at the facility are shut down, or on the verge of exploding.
It actually make business sense since the entire plant does not have to shut down each time there is a problem with a pump.
So you suggest that a nuclear power plant should never be permanently shut down.
Most reactors were shut down and have not been restarted.
The government also wants to restart nuclear power plants that have been shut down for scheduled maintenance but are now in limbo.
Some opposition radio stations have been shut down and opposition gatherings banned in parts of the country.
If they don't get their way, the government will shut down.
But within months it was ordered to shut down after twice spilling cyanide into local waterways.
And it can be shut down if a laptop is lost or stolen.
Attempts to shut down file-sharing websites have merely encouraged the growth of others.
Of those, around five a week have to be shut down permanently.
The problem comes when the telomerase gene is accidentally activated in a cell in which it is supposed to be shut down.
Red-shirt media have been shut down, including popular radio stations.
Much of the excess capacity is being shut down, yet there are already plenty of unwanted panels out there.
It is the latest magazine to shut down as more readers desert print publications for online news and photos.
The move would shut down criminal trials for terror suspects.
Nor, as attorneys would soon discover, was there even a single outfit to shut down.
Two hospitals have been shut down so far, but few believe the live donor trade will suffer much.
Two years ago, it collapsed and was shut down and then reopened prematurely.
One by one, each of the engines on the jumbo jet shut down, and the plane began to dive toward the ground.
He has dramatically lowered borrowing and shut down the firm's proprietary trading desk.
Every once in a while, however, the whole feverish production doesn't shut down on cue.
After the quake, the reactor had shut down and so the fuel rods had already begun their cooldown.
First, the city shut down an exhibition ostensibly because it didn't have a license to display the works of foreign artists.
To conserve energy, shut down the system with the master on-off switch.
And when they weren't having an improv show, they'd shut down a street and grill sausages and people would play the blues.

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