shunning in a sentence

Example sentences for shunning

In the quest to stay healthy while abroad, some travelers are shunning street food.
It stood alone, as if shunning the rest of the range.
The attention of peers is crucial, shunning by them a long-remembered mortification.
Other than denying her raises and perhaps shunning her, it can't do much to make her retire without violating federal law.
In some ways it's fitting to expect groups to bond by shunning the members it can isolate.
These stories filled him with awe for the heroism embodied in shunning the world.
They became unhealthy and pale, shunning physical activity for sitting around gaming.
Most of the efforts of people at the time were ineffective, with a partial exception for shunning and isolation.
But they're not the ones currently shunning science.
Firstly, more senior managers are shunning retirement, which makes climbing the ranks within a company tougher.
It is in some ways a pity that society is so large there can be no organized means of shunning.
He carried on doling out public money and raising pensions and public-sector wages while shunning reform.
Angry franchise-holders had launched lawsuits against the firm and customers were shunning its pricey sandwiches.
Capital-markets firms are courting deposits and shunning flighty wholesale funding.
To do so when people were shunning stocks took real courage.
Shunning all manner of wastefulness, they feed livestock not valuable grain but materials of little other value.
Other families in the village have begun shunning her family, worried that the spirits might haunt them, too.
Hitting, name calling, shunning and shaming are all forms of bullying.
We certainly shouldn't be shunning them, diminishing them, or undermining them in any way.
Consumers may be shunning fat generally, but it appears that margarines are taking a bit of a whipping from the butter brigade.
In today's world of busy work schedules and kids' soccer games, many people are shunning the thought of home maintenance.
He's been a no-show at campaign appearances, he's shunning debates.

Famous quotes containing the word shunning

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