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Property, biotech, energy extraction and commodity manufacturing are shunned.
Any academic or scientist who works on this program should be shunned by his peers.
More surprisingly, the government has shunned any serious attempts at structural economic reform.
People who don't cooperate are eventually shunned or jailed.
Nonetheless, the medical establishment has shunned advocates of freezing bodies for eventual revival.
Another option currently being shunned capitalizes on the peak oil phenomena.
The few who appear ahead of the curve are being rewarded by the market, while others are being shunned.
Despite the downturn, the nations of the world have not shunned globalisation.
New members shunned anything that made them seem different from the rest.
People are shunned or worse attacked for stepping off prescribed paths.
There have been reports of elderly gays being shunned in normal retirement communities.
For bands shunned by many mainstream radio stations, these covers got people's attention.
His father soon died, his marriage broke up, he never got his degree and he was shunned by employers.
Manual interaction with the world is neglected, avoided, even shunned.
At the time, she did not understand why her better-off neighbours shunned her.
Banished from their homes and shunned by their families, these former witches must live out the rest of their days in exile.
Pre-historic daddy long legs shunned evolution, reveal s.
By killing others they isolate themselves and are shunned by the larger society and thus miss out on education and jobs.
If you question the doctrine you'll be shunned, and labeled a dry drunk.
Outside expertise should not be shunned but rather welcomed.
The authorities not only shunned it but put up roadblocks.
Both the fallen king and the fresh prince shunned interview requests.
In life, she shunned the limelight that shines on her work now.
Cheaters are shunned, and word of their perfidy spreads quickly.
Stars shunned it, designers deserted it and the rich recoiled from it.
She visited a shelter for widows who have been shunned by their families and the larger society.
They were also shunned by many landlords, taxi drivers and retailers, and there were ugly expressions of bias.
The school was shunned by parents and the quality of its enrollment dropped.
In the unlikely event a station would broadcast such a show, the hostess would be shunned.
Late-night drinking sessions with superiors that mix bonding and hazing are being shunned.
At the beginning of the foreclosure crisis, lenders shunned short sales.
When responsibilities are shunned or rejected, someone must cope with the results.
White settlers shunned the area, which they considered a wasteland.

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