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Oppositely, the badness of a walk that is shuffling, and an utterance that is indistinct is alleged-Spencer.
The noise repeated itself-a pair of feet shuffling across the floor then stopping right at the other side of the bathroom door.
The rubric requires a lot of paper shuffling on my part.
Such shuffling, they think, may free up space in the hippocampus and increase its capacity for taking in something new.
The thought of shuffling off our mortal coil can make all of us a little squeamish.
The researchers then created novel songs by shuffling the notes around.
Shuffling money around does nothing to address over spending.
What's happening is a merging, re-shuffling and refining of media categories and a broader choice of the way you access them.
He paced back and forth compulsively, shuffling along the same six-foot path for hours on end.
Such languages have been refined over the years to hide the complexities of shuffling information in and out of large databases.
Computers don't do any thing else except compute, apart from shuffling data about the place.
Or if they cut their suits when they are shuffling around and banging on rocks with field hammers.
For heavily brocaded materials, the patterns were created by shuffling through a deck of cards.
Emperor penguins move in shuffling steps when huddled against the cold so that eve.
But for now they wait, shuffling foot-to-foot under the cargo hold's glaring lights.
It is a case of two brave old marathon dancers, each holding the other up, with long days and nights of shuffling still to go.
Once again, regulators are shuffling uncomfortably in the spotlight.
Instead, they were merely shuffling between different atoms at the surface.
Grace was practically incoherent, shuffling around the premises.
Soldiers go on training runs each morning, singing and shuffling in their boots through the littered dirt streets.
There was a little shuffling of the previously announced program.
He was shuffling his feet and pulled a white handkerchief out of his pocket.
It usually starts with small tremors and progresses to a shuffling gait and increasing weakness.
So they wanted a list shuffling the two groups together, which essentially ignored date of hire.

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