shudder in a sentence

Example sentences for shudder

Many would thrill to see an imam marching next to them but shudder at a priest.
Nutritionists would shudder at all the fat, sodium and trans-fats.
But each time it rumbles, it sends a shudder through the local collective memory.
The glider gives a slight shudder and the bottom drops out.
So netbooks have sent a sort of hot-cold shudder through the computer industry.
There are plenty of reasons to shudder at the idea of higher taxes.
Putting my future into the whims of the electorate makes me shudder.
It is easy to see why endlessly rising health costs should make finance ministers shudder.
Go off the track in a racing game and you'll feel your car shudder on the bumps.
Mention of that awful decade should make politicians shudder.
She would ask him to do the dishes after dinner and feel a shudder when he put off the chore, as if it were a rejection.
Bloggers often display postings that would make party censors shudder.
From somewhere deep within the car ball-bearings send out a shudder of protesting clicks.
We sometimes shudder at the violence or disrespect for fair play.

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