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Example sentences for shrunken

Every one sees his smart coat, no one sees his shrunken belly.
Now the lake is a shrunken puddle of its former self.
In fact, it appears that the water level has shrunken by an eighth or three sixteens of an inch.
Scans revealed that the mummies' original eyes, though shrunken, had survived behind the prosthetic versions.
But his weak health was symptomatic of the shrunken gene pool of the captive-bred tigers.
There were also males with shrunken larynxes, a crippling handicap for a frog intent on mating.
Later on, you can tell definitively that they've magically shrunken the planet.
Nor were the kidneys shrunken, as in end-stage hypertension.
If they were pretty or had interesting facial features, their heads were cut off for use as popular novelty shrunken heads.
What a shrunken version of that politician now occupies the presidency.
Purists complain of its shrunken grammar and vocabulary.
Public companies may have had their confidence shaken in the past few years and their territory shrunken a little.
Shrunken lungs give a free diver a sense of having plenty of oxygen, because it's concentrated.
It also strove to sustain worldwide strategic commitments far beyond its shrunken means.
Shrunken and formless, the ruined raft lapped about on the ocean surface.
It houses a collection of peculiar items, among them a roulette wheel made of jellybeans and an exhibit of shrunken heads.
Or they can use a shrunken keyboard that works with a stylus.
On our shrunken planet, the two codes bump up against each other, throwing the other into relief.
Today, it is a shrunken, unprofitable company at risk of indictment for insider trading violations.
Others may have severe scarring or a shrunken liver.
Over the past century, radio has shrunken dramatically.
In the case of deuterium, fusion reactions of shrunken atoms predominantly yielding tritium are possible.

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