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Most college students would shrug if they heard that a campus bus was on its way home from a field trip.
The big shrug of the comfortable ones has an interest behind it.
Once again, people have begun to shrug off their concerns and pack their bags.
And yet among the climbing cognoscenti the melee elicited little more than a shrug.
We stare in the face of the bureaucracy and shrug our shoulders in a collective act of defeat.
They seem to react to biochemical difficulties that other cells shrug off without even noticing.
Later, others would only shrug when speculating as to why he had chosen this ill-advised tactic.
But readers might be forgiven for greeting the findings with a shrug.
When pressed, a typical response is no more than a resigned shrug of the shoulders.
He responded with a shrug and a wan smile, and then returned to focusing on the work at hand.
Learn to shrug off what you cannot control or change.
Others shrug that playing with an enormous predator is inherently risky.
When it comes to your online image, these companies argue that no one can afford to shrug off a slight.
Finally, you shrug when someone remarks that it may not be a good idea to equate soup with freedom of speech.
Higher education at some point will have to shrug it off and get back to the work of seeing the world as it is.
But it is not enough to shrug and wait for that joyous feeling of vindication.
They shrug and raise their palms and go about their business.
It is easy to think of other reasons to shrug shoulders.
Some may shrug off the gap in income between the rich and poor.
They are resilient organisms, with powerful social and economic reasons to shrug off terrorism.
They seem, rather, to shrug off the challenge as of no consequence.
Say what you need to say in a friendly voice, with a smile and empathetic shrug.
There are, though, two criticisms which are harder to shrug off.
Ask economists, sociologists or businessmen what the government should reform and you are often met with a baleful shrug.
But whatever its outcome, this latest inquiry will be difficult for him to shrug off.
The effects will be so gradual that you will easily be able to shrug off the occasional climatic disaster.
Unfortunately, the folks who seem to be able to handle things best are folks with a sense of humor who can shrug things off.
Bush lost his credibility, that's why whatever he says from now on, people will shrug him off.
But day-neutral strawberries have been bred to shrug off shorter days and yield berries all summer long.
My hat is off to the protestors whose blogging in the icy cold was great and unforgiving of those who tried to shrug them off.
That's the sort of price increase that customers might grumble about, but will ultimate shrug off and will retain the service.
If such pleading doesn't work, however, then all federal authorities could do is shrug.
The market wouldn't simply shrug and stop providing mortgages.
New achievements are therefore more likely to be greeted with a shrug than with any sense of heightened significance.
His shrug before the unforeseen implies an acceptance of consequences that is a far cry from penance and prophecy.
Most congressmen would probably agree, and then shrug their shoulders, as if nothing could be done about this quandary.
The first few times, you shrug it off, but enough is enough.
B ut for all her protestations to the contrary, the business is too deep in her bones for her to shrug it off entirely.
Today, macho movies make me shrug, their excesses no longer enticing.
She capped the dress, which features and embellished waistline, with a soft shrug in matching ivory.
Markets responded with a shrug, however, partly because there are glimmers of a turnaround.
The rest of us shrug, implicitly acknowledging a pervasive self-doubt.
Usually it can shrug off the loss of a generating station or a power line without a flicker.
They are among the largest of all spiders, and they would be killed by falls that smaller species would shrug off.
They would have allowed ancient bacteria to shrug off many modern drugs such as tetracyclines, beta-lactams and vancomycin.
But she soon found that when she would ask other paleontologists about the origin of fungi, they'd simply shrug.
Lots of us shrug and agree that many older scientists do all sorts of crazy things, and don't wonder too much about the details.
We live with, and shrug off, a lot worse risks than current-tech nuclear poses.
Bullying is not something that school leaders, teachers, or parents can shrug off.
Some exclusive education also shrug bit of a address to level.
To denounce or shrug off a call for cooperation is an easy but also a cowardly thing to do.
Boys of few words-the ones who limit their expression to a timid shrug or an indifferent grunt-need help.
To denounce or shrug off a call for cooperation is an easy and cowardly thing.
While conditions in the winter may be a challenge to some, others shrug it off and enjoy the seasons.
From the soon old act beneath visitor, then suddenly shrug cheese of small boss.
Later he found other quick movements of deceit: part of a hand shrug, the brief lift of a shoulder.
By and large, society gave a collective shrug and moved on to newer technologies.
Perhaps that's why the news that the coffee house may lose its lease has been met with nostalgia and a collective shrug.
They treated it with a casual shrug of the shoulders, disdain even, as if they were beyond such a trivial pursuit.
And a shrug of the shoulders is what this album deserves.

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