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Example sentences for shrivelled

He took off his glove and showed one shrivelled hand.
Shrivelled testes grew back to normal and the animals regained their fertility.
Under normal ambient light, the sacs are shrivelled and the animals are largely transparent.
Tin roofs corroded and vegetable gardens shrivelled up.
Over the same period, trust in political parties has shrivelled.
As consumer spending has slumped, the external imbalances have shrivelled.
No wonder the number of bidders has shrivelled to seven.
Tax receipts that had been swollen by booms in consumer spending and housing have shrivelled.
Now of course those income streams have shrivelled and hey presto, up to our eyeballs in debt.
Muscles and organs such as the liver may have shrivelled.
When berries are dry and shrivelled to the extent that practically no moisture is present within the berries.
Severe infection of stems interrupts nutrient flow to the developing heads, resulting in shrivelled grain.
Moisture deprivation during pod development can also lengthen the maturity period and result in small, shrivelled pods.
Late infection can hasten maturity and reduce the time available for grain filling resulting in shrivelled seed.
One firm specimen and one shrivelled with mold on stem.

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