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If you wait too long the fruit will fall off the vine and shrivel.
On present trends many other governments could also see their bond markets shrivel.
If the environment is to hot water boils and evaporates and any life form would shrivel bake and die.
These plants shrivel from serious drought but plump up again with watering or rainfall.
First, it will obviously cause your fingers to shrivel and lock into a rigid, bony claw.
The beams are supposed to cut off blood flow to the growth and cause it to shrivel.
Sooner or later some ski centers will be stranded, and their towns will shrivel away.
And skin cells would almost instantaneously shrivel and die.
Similarly, protections can't shrivel up when the topic is technical or the means of publication is digital.
And then the next year, the neighboring elm would start to shrivel.
Punters were invited to bet on the date when his apparently terminally ill campaign would shrivel up and die.
But unless you can keep the paradigm shifts coming, returns shrivel as the market gets saturated.
Manufacturers and farmers have seen many of their export markets shrivel.
The manufacturer says they are designed not to crack or shrivel leather footwear.
Resource towns everywhere shrivel up or suffer when their main source of income fades.
In the absence of vultures, they have been reduced to rigging their towers with solar reflectors to shrivel the corpses.
The lard will clarify, and the cracklings will shrivel and shrink.
Hearing the dismal reaction at the mention of his name is enough to shrivel the soul.
People move on, and the places where they worshiped shrivel.
But the crabs shrivel and dry out a bit, and their small legs inevitably become charred.
If allowed to sit long enough, a plantain will shrivel and blacken.
In a last-ditch effort, residents dressed the injury with paper bark, but the leaves continued to shrivel in the sunlight.
Neighborhoods ruined now will probably shrivel further, planning experts say.
He let public services shrivel to nothing and roads and railways be swallowed by the rain forest.
If they move to another country, their chances of staying in touch with family members shrivel.
Broker trade groups say their industry will shrivel and consumer costs will go up.
However, great nations can shrivel and empires do come to an end.
The microbes would shrivel and die, spores would not be killed but would not be able to germinate.
Cankers can develop on stems and stolons and cause whole plants to shrivel and die.
When infection is heavy, entire leaves shrivel and die.
The desiccation spreads and the whole leaf may shrivel and drop, leaving only the petiole attached.
Take care to keep limes out of direct sunlight as they will shrivel and become discolored.
Infected shoots blacken and shrivel and occasionally fall off.
Leaves on branches suddenly shrivel and turn blackish-brown as though scorched by fire.
Seeds should be collected in the fall after the fruit has begun to shrivel.
Stop watering when the leaves shrivel in the early summer.
It may also shrivel a bit from the drying action of the vacuum.
Some infected leaves may shrivel, brown, and drop prematurely.
They are quite juicy, but begin to shrivel after ripening.
Fluid preserved collections also require immediate attention so that objects do not dry or shrivel.
They will shrivel, become flabby and never achieve a good flavor.
Generally the leaves are green and shrivel in the first frosts.
The fruits are quite juicy, but will begin to shrivel up after ripening.
Leaves of some species such as the elms simply shrivel up and fall, exhibiting little color other than drab brown.
Needles above the canker shrivel up and die or turn yellow early.
Have students break off the stem of one plant, leaving it displayed to shrivel and die.
Some of the fruit rejected during grading were already starting to shrivel, which is an indication of poor storage conditions.
Rather, it is simply being held in place as it dries so that it does not shrink or shrivel.
Once leaves are infected, they quickly brown and shrivel on the plant.
And within a few months the fat cells will shrivel up and will be absorbed by her body.
Symptoms also appear on the husks and may cause nutmeats to shrivel.

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