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In the golden age of sail, a ship's crew was focused on the shrill and piercing sound of the boatswain's whistle.
Still, some of the settings sound somewhat shrill out of the box.
When alarmed it utters a shrill high- pitched chirping whistle accompanied by twitches of its tail and body.
Do not make shrill or high pitch noises as these may attract bears.
To say that the whole deficit thing was a political ploy, with no substance behind it, sounded shrill.
But its leaders are increasingly unhappy about the shrill attacks.
In the same instant came the shrill trumpets of elephants angered by the hyena cries.
But it's best to approach the store with a well-reasoned argument instead of shrill demands.
The shrill ring of her call had woken me in the night.
The train blasts out a shrill whistle which my nephew imitates intermittently for the next couple of hours with piercing accuracy.
Although the notes produced were shrill and piercing, they were said to be perfect in both tone and pitch.
Their findings do not support the shrill protectionist rhetoric.
The greenies are derided for their shrill sanctimony.
Then there was the shrill beeping at the end of every test.
But expecting apologists for genocide to recant their propagandistic, shrill and bullying manner is hopeless.
Outside, a shrill wind lashes the crest of the ridge.
While not tinny, there is a rather lot of shrill top-end to the music.
All in all, the prime minister sounded a bit shrill and unconvincing.
Indeed, the monkey music sounds shrill and unpleasant to human ears.
But he has refused government jobs and been a shrill critic in parliament.
The kids wear earmuffs to protect themselves from the shrill cries.
If the controller does not do so a shrill alarm goes off and he/she needs to provide an explanation the next day.
Suddenly, the shrill ring of a telephone cuts across the concert hall.
Having been a professor, you should know that such shrill and unfounded rhetoric is unbecoming.
Well before she arrived, she'd call out a friendly word with what little voice she had left, which was shrill and rasping.
The voice that had been low and trembling became shrill and loud.
The alarm was sounded too early and too shrill and is now being collectively ignored.
Do you have anything else to offer than shrill, rude comments.
Carry your cell phone, a whistle or shrill alarm to summon help.
If you hike into one's territory, it may scold you with a shrill cry and quivering tail.
If captured by a predator, the animal may produce a loud, shrill scream.
Books, films, and television reflected the concern with increasingly shrill warnings.
If startled, groundhogs give a shrill whistle, which is why some folks call them whistle pigs.
The shrill whistle blasts mixed with the howl of gusting winds and the grinding and screeching of metal and concrete.
They are divisive, shrill, disingenuous and inaccurate.
The metal gong beat continuously now and the flute, shrill and powerful, floated on the chaos.
For the good of the country they must be enforced, in spite of the shrill cries and objections of special interest groups.
Great horned owls have a large repertoire of sounds, ranging from deep booming hoots to shrill shrieks.

Famous quotes containing the word shrill

So hideous was the noise, ah! benedicite! Certes, he Jacke Straw and his meinie Ne made never shoutes half so shri... more
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A steam ran small and terrible and shrill; it was so still; the stream ran from the oak-copse and returned ... more
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