shrewdly in a sentence

Example sentences for shrewdly

She also shrewdly declined to promote herself as the opposition's candidate for prime minister until after the election.
Some state governments already do this shrewdly and lavishly--with splendid results.
It's a terrific moment, shrewdly conceived and terrifying to watch.
Grant shrewdly conserved himself throughout his career and wisely knew not to overdraw the goodwill he had accrued.
But she shrewdly took advantage of programs for minority-owned small businesses and rode a boom in federal contracting.

Famous quotes containing the word shrewdly

I see my reputation is at stake, My fame is shrewdly gored.... more
Hamlet. The air bites shrewdly, it is very cold. Horatio. It is a nipping and an eager air.... more
And his master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly; for the children of this age ... more
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