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Example sentences for shrewd

She is also a shrewd consensus builder, adept at winning local support.
She had a shrewd head for business and handled their finances skillfully.
If given enough leeway, they quickly become shrewd managers of their own finances.
The inquisitors were shrewd students of human nature.
She believed in his abilities and wanted to protect him-and she possessed a useful talent for shrewd real-estate deals.
Shrewd enemies, hidden from sight, are fighting in this city of stone.
McMillan is a gifted researcher and interviewer, shrewd and patient.
There is, first, the shrewd philosophy of popular origin.
It is our own fault if this amiable, shrewd and scholarly parson be not our familiar friend.
But being shrewd traders, they didn't want to buy the first camel they stumbled on-they thought they could do better.
Shrewd and alert, her unnaturally wide eyes are ringed by a thick fringe of false eyelashes.
Allowing them to tap the credit line may be a shrewd precautionary measure.
They have not issued their own candidate for the presidency, and are playing the shrewd game of holding on to their cards.
There are several reasons why this is quite a shrewd idea.
Response to the country's deepening economic issues has been both violent and shrewd.
The marketing plans of hungry museums and shrewd designers seem to make a pretty good fit too.
Its shrewd computer animators have great fun seeing the world from an ant's-eye point of view.
Such is the theme of the story, and the action which bears it out is full-bodied melodrama of a shrewd and sophisticated sort.
Only time will tell whether that will turn out to be a shrewd move.
He is a good story-teller, a shrewd appraiser of character and a keen recorder of an indecisive generation.
Being shrewd businessmen, they know the value of seeking out the advice of experts in the energy field.
They depict dramatic, fast-moving events and present glimpses of leaders who were both courageous and politically shrewd.
He noticed that the mold had created a bacteria-free ring around itself and was shrewd enough to realize what it meant.
Shrewd marketing is important to the livelihood of any industry, particularly aquaculture.
They're shrewd enough to grab what they can, when they can.

Famous quotes containing the word shrewd

We shall find of him A shrewd contriver; and, you know, his means, If he improve them, may well stretch so ... more
Either I mistake your shape and making quite, Or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite Called Robin G... more
O, when she is angry she is keen and shrewd; She was a vixen when she went to school, And though she be but... more
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