shredder in a sentence

Example sentences for shredder

Your file was immediately tossed into the paper shredder along with hundreds of other losers.
Whole leaves tend to mat, so chop them with a shredder or lawn mower.
If you want to recycle leaves for compost or mulch, rake them up and run them through a shredder.
Only good when someone grapples with an underfed animal or overactive shredder.
Begin leaf composting in the fall by gathering leaves and chopping them up with a mulching mower or shredder.
If you don't have a shredder, run over your materials with a lawn mower to chop them.
Following her husband's instructions, she destroyed the papers in a home shredder and burned the remains in their back garden.
It's a pavement shredder with lots of torque steer, some initial quality problems and an overly complicated navigation system.
It's the shredder people use when they need to shred other shredders.
At the shredder, it was processed into reusable steel, some of which will end up at auto manufacturing plants.
The metal is sent to a local scrap yard, which transports them to a shredder.
Staff tested the shredder for its capacity to grind electronic equipment holding sensitive data.
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