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Each time someone questioned her about a term or some shrapnel of jargon, she offered a brief, lucid explanation.
The pipes themselves were less lucky, injured by shrapnel as he dived into a ditch.
The final frontier is littered with dead spacecraft and shrapnel.
Instead of rocks in a landslide, think of the runaway electrons as shrapnel tearing up a path through the storm cloud.
Flying bullets and shrapnel rendered firefighters powerless.
The blood is swirled and splattered in distinct, organic patterns, making artwork that resembles galactic shrapnel.
Same thing that the guys getting pummeled by shrapnel were doing up here.
With dozens of bullet and shrapnel wounds, he knew he was lucky to have survived.
The trick is to either grab shrapnel or coax it toward the planet, where it will burn up in the atmosphere.
Ever since, other satellites have had to be moved periodically to avoid the shrapnel.
From the ships and airfields come the wounded-some horribly burned, others riddled by bullets and shrapnel.
Intermingled with the shards were pieces of shrapnel left over from the fighting.
The impact ripped off his right hand and blew shrapnel from his sword and armor clean through his arm.
The resulting shrapnel provides insights into the nature of reality.
Previous research has shown that embedded tungsten alloy shrapnel is carcinogenic.
Two airplanes circling overhead were blown apart by the heavy shrapnel.
He is unconscious, with shrapnel throughout his body.
Only one street still bears the scars of shrapnel from the war.

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