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It might therefore be thought that by now the area's jungles would have been picked clean of large, showy species.
After the crash many of the rich cut back on unnecessary luxuries, particularly the showy sort.
With exceptions, luxury websites tend to be showy but unoriginal, since firms often use the same web designers.
They form a satisfying whole, and in the past would have supplied a rich patron with a beautiful and showy cabinet of treasures.
The showy lantern tower of the tallest spire glowed with a nighttime torch when the king was in.
We often add plants to our gardens in fall because they bear showy flowers or have gorgeous color.
Tuck in bread, and you have a showy first course or main dish that's easy to grasp.
If a blossom is showy, chances are it's the petals you notice.
The plant is especially showy in a glazed chocolate brown pot.
But it has a fund of good sense and direct obvious meaning which compensates for the want of more showy qualities.
Showy phlox is a low, half-sprawling phlox, tending to become shrubby toward its base.
Showy, deep pink to red bilaterally symmetrical flowers bloom in profusion near the top of this leafy, several-stemmed plant.
The visual people are prone to big, showy dahlias and other head-turning bloomers.
Some advocates argue for showy acts of civil disobedience.
Foliage is vivid during the autumn and spring brings showy displays of azaleas and dogwoods.
Perhaps every season brings dozens of showy new cookbooks filled with shiny pictures of elegant dishes.
Its houses are showy and fanciful, but mostly off limits.
But his showy hypocrisy, in this case, masks a more serious question.
So is his ensemble choreography, which combines clarity with an almost showy complexity.
And when you only have one short speech, there is a strong temptation to fall into a wide-eyed, showy sensibility.
The showy, fragrant, white flowers are arranged in flat-topped clusters and bloom in the spring and early summer.
Pink lady's slipper is a large, showy wildflower belonging to the orchid family.
The showy blossoms of these wildflowers attract numerous species of pollinators, including native bees, butterflies and beetles.
The showy flowers and seed heads, and compact growth habit make this plant a good choice for rock gardens.
Water hyacinth is a free-floating introduced plant with stalks of showy blue-violet flowers.
Most of the showy desert wildflowers are annuals, also referred to as ephemerals because they are short-lived.
Unfortunately, these showy plants attract plant poachers from long-distances.
Showy yellow fragrant flowers, showy pink-winged fruit.

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