showroom in a sentence

Example sentences for showroom

He sat on a platform two feet above the showroom floor.
And she's decided to open a showroom to exhibit her custom built-ins, outdoor furniture, and garden accessories.
But while their home embodies this sensibility, it's no showroom.
As a result, few electric cars have moved from the showroom to the street.
When defying critics in the showroom won't suffice, other artists have gone to court.
The difference is that these customers come to the showroom armed with information about the car and the best available deals.
There's the car dealer who tried to throw the scruffy hippie out of the showroom.
More than a year later, we're still talking about tablets that are huffing and puffing their way toward the showroom floor.
Inevitably, you'll find yourself in a claustrophobic showroom with someone at your elbow needling you to buy.
GM sets a new sales record, but it's not in the showroom.
The fire spread to the loading dock, then into both the retail showroom and warehouse spaces.
One of the existing brick buildings was renovated for use as a motorcycle showroom and office.
The first floor will become a furniture showroom with offices and living quarters on second floor.
They all once proudly revved their motors and gleamed in showroom windows.
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